Startup Spotlight #52 Yosh.AI

October 30, 2020

In the retail sector, personalized approaches are gaining significance day by day; as well most others are. AI is the key technology to automate these processes and companies in retail have already started to use AI based technologies to touch the emotions of individuals. Voice assistants & text assistants are prominent solutions in this sector and there is still a big space for them. Our spotlight guest this week is Yosh.AI, which automates the communication between enterprises and users with AI voice and text assistants. Founder & CEO Kasia Dorsey told us about their journey.

What is the name of your startup?


What is the website address of Yosh.AI?

Where is your startup based?


What are your targeted verticals for your startup?

Machine Learning / AI

Enterprise SaaS

Tell us what your startup does.

Yosh.AI is a deep tech company which automates the communication between companies (focusing on retail) and their users, through AI voice and text assistants ensuring consistent messaging, high efficiency and continuous access to information across all communication platforms and languages.

Tell us about your team.

Yosh.AI connects world class Data Scientists and Engineers from companies like Samsung R&D, Google and Amazon with business executives with deep understanding of companies needs. This team of 26 people are developing state-of-the-art AI solutions that outperform Google technology. The team is driven by the vision of changing how users communicate with the companies, including shopping in a fully conversational, automated way using AI.

When and why did you found your startup?

The company was registered in December 2016. The Eureka moment happened thanks to many years as marketing and communication manager in The Coca-Cola Company, and then with marketplace for retailers, when I realised that every company has the same struggle- to deliver information to their users in multiple platforms in the right moment and in a personalized way. The communication should be somehow automated and the way to achieve that is by using AI Virtual Assistant- something like Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri is doing for our everyday tasks, should be created for each and every company - so each company can deliver relevant information to their users. AI Assistant that we developed for each company serves information relevant for their users, speaks and writes basically any language on any communication platform.

What are your key and unique features?

Our AI Assistant can be used in retail, banking or healthcare. Especially in retail it is very unique, since it delivers fully personalised shopping experience- from product discovery to customer support. On top of it, includes other features like visual search, user profiling and recommendation engine to create an enjoyable shopping experience in a conversational way.

What is your growth like?

We focus on international enterprises including MediaMarkt, CCC, Intu Shopping and others. Currently we work in the retail sector with 6 companies and we are present in 10 markets. Additionally we work in banking with Santander, BNP Paribas. We are global partners of Google and Zendesk. We implement our voice and text solutions across many platforms including website, Messenger, WhatsApp, phone line and many more. In voice we work in 30 languages, and in text in any language.

Tell us about the numbers that matter to you.

Our main metrics are: 1. Revenue 2018- 20 K euro, 2019- 150 K euro, 2020- 350 K euro; 2. Clients 2018- 1, 2019- 4, 2020- 8; 3. markets present 1. 2018- 1 (UK); 2019- 2, 2020- 8; 4. Products on the market 2018-2, 2019- 4, 2020-8 5. Team members 2018-3, 2019- 12, 2020-26

What are your plans for next year and next 5 years?

1. Business growth and expansion. Our focus is to scale within Europe to become the leader in conversational commerce. Later, focus on entering US and Asia markets. 

2. Ensure high scalability of our products and from enterprise clients also offer our solutions to SMEs.

Did you receive any investments?

We are bootstrapped. We have received a 2 M euro noon-dilutive grant from the EU R&D program.

Tell us 3 startups that excite you, and why?

We get excited by our mission and vision and people that we have in our team. We look at other startups in our areas as a point of reference how they approached resolving the problems and think how we can be better.

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