Startup Spotlight #53 FluAI

November 6, 2020

As digitalization in healthcare processes is going deeper, a wide variety of health-tech solutions are coming into our lives and they are touching the daily issues in our lives more. They cover numerous areas in our health world ranging from eldercare to sore throat in the form of many different ways of AI including voice assistants and image processing. FluAI (founded in 2020) is one of the startups in these areas in Turkey. They are operating under Yeşil Science founded by Yusuf Yeşil. They were shortlisted for the NN Startup Challenge and selected for BIOStartup CoronaSprint. It is an AI-powered mobile health application that gives the users personal analysis and suggestions  about upper respiratory infections based on the analysis of their throat picture and symptoms. FluAI’s product manager Cansın Orak gave us a brief about their journey. Check for their solutions and Google Play or App Store for the app.

Tell us about your team

We are a young and diverse team. Our teammates have very different backgrounds such as medicine, biological sciences, engineering, AI, back and front development.

When and why did you found your startup?

Flu is usually seen as a simple and unimportant problem.  However, flu can lead to  more serious problems such as death, economic problems, overcrowding of hospitals, antibiotic resistance in case of excessive antibiotic usage, etc. FluAI was found in 2019 to create a solution to all these problems.

What are your key and unique features?

FluAI is the only AI-powered mobile health application about upper respiratory infections

Our suggestions were prepared by our medical team and mentors that are respected in their fields. 

Our AI is clinically tested and verified with the accuracy of 95%.

What is your startups' stage?

Idea Stage- $1000 per month or less revenue

Tell us about the numbers that matter to you.

Over 1500 followers on social media platforms

10 valuable mentors

95% accurate AI trained with over 3000 images

What are your vision for next year and next 5 years?

Our plan right now is to launch FluAI before the end of 2020 on both Android and IOS devices. We want to reach a certain number of users by the end of 2020. Our plans for FluAI include integration of a telemedicine feature to the app and integration of different disease modules. We want FluAI to be widely used in the USA, Canada and Turkey. After reaching a certain point in these markets, we would like to broaden our markets.

More information about FluAı

Founder: Yusuf Yeşil

Country: Turkey


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