Startup Spotlight #55 Vintom

December 4, 2020

As Artificial Intelligence is penetrating our lives more, personalization in all business fields is becoming the norm. Personalization refers to adjusting your strategies or services according to each person’s needs and data. It has started to be used widely in many sectors including banking, retail, insurance, and a lot more. Our spotlight guest this week is our MediaMarkt Startup Challenge 2020 Finalist Vintom which was founded in Poland, 2014 and has offices in the USA, UK, Spain, and Poland now. They personalize videos on the apps and websites based on the client's big data about their customers' behavior and interest. They have many clients in many industries including Citi in banking, BNP Paribas in insurance, and IKEA in retail. Personalized video enables novel storytelling by putting customer data to work and creating unique videos tailored for each viewer. Every video includes a clear call-to-action, which drives the viewer to respond and act through interactive options. This can be the most efficient way to turn views into the desired results of a company. Vice President Marcin Kozlowski told us about their journey.

What are your key and unique features?

• Complete modularity of content (everyone receives a different video and narrative)

• Chain technology

Our proprietary chain technology makes Vintom’s personalized videos completely modular. Personalized elements are integrated seamlessly. Video and audio files automatically adapt to the length of scenes giving you the most advanced personalization experience on the market.

• YouDecide Technology

Engage customers even more with our YouDecide Technology. Now you can create interactive videos where users choose the path the video takes or fill in additional information. YouDecide lets you collect data from customers about preferences or allows you to create interactive lead capture videos.

•Live lip-sync

Create videos with real actors who say the names and information of all your customers in the language of your choice. And all rendered in 4K quality by default.

•Dynamic data

Visualize dynamic data on a screen that is unique for every user. Show billing figures, amounts of savings, or prices for special offers, all personalized for millions of customers.

•Adaptive Streaming Technology (AST)

We render all videos in 4K Ultra HD by default, but our adaptive streaming technology (AST) means that if you’re on a mobile network or a weak connection, our player reduces the bitrate so your customer will always be able to watch your videos.

•Unlimited Scale

Whether it’s thousands or millions of videos, our servers can handle it. We can help you scale your campaigns to millions of customers and all around the world. Our server setup means you will never face any downtime.

•Enhanced embed

Vintom’s Enhanced Embed function lets you embed personalized videos behind your login screen or on your app for additional security and a seamless customer experience.


Distribute personalized videos via email, SMS, MMS, Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram, and countless other third-party technologies.

Tell us about the numbers that matter to you.

The crucial KPI for us is the average number of personalized videos we are generating for one campaign. The same goes for the number of use cases for one client. Those 2 KPI's growth means that there is a scalable need for our services.

Another crucial KPI: monthly recurring revenue - which shows how the company is growing in terms of stability.

Average deal size and y/y P&L

What are your plans for next year and for the next 5 years?

Transform Vintom service to complete the SaaS model. Worldwide expansion.

More information about Vintom

Co-founder & CEO: Szymon Pawlica
Country: Poland

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