Startup Spotlight #63 Tukuoro

February 19, 2021

Almost all aspects of our lives have been going under digitalization since the pandemics. Digitalization is increasing its penetration sharply. Ranging from shopping to healthcare, we are leading our lives more digitally than ever. However, most of the digital content and processes are visual or text-based. This can create confusion and be tiring for consumers. Voice-based solutions here come to the scene to make our digital lives easier. Our startup spotlight guest this week is Tukuoro Voice Open Platform which turns any application and/or device into voice enabled, in any language, accent, device, platform or use case. Tukuoro's platform is enterprise-grade and focuses on large-scale, hard-to-solve use-cases, which for the most part lack accuracy, context and security, privacy, touch free and face mask on. Co-founder Amir Tsrouya shared his thoughts with us.

Tell us about your team

Tukuoro was founded by a team of experienced professionals, bringing established backgrounds in business,product and technologies, across multiple market segments and tech industries.

When and why did you found your startup?

We established Tukuoro more than 5 years ago, as we realized voice UI is the next big thing, or the next Operating System (as some analysts say). As the market matured we focus on providing the intuitive voice interface which keeps user personal information and business data safe and private as our top priority and key product feature.

What are your key and unique features?

Accurate Speech Processing, NLP, Machine Learning

Offline / Online Deployment

Cross Segment / Language / Platform

Easy Implementation

Data Security & Privacy by Design (GDPR, CCPA)


What are your plans for the next year and the next 5 years?


Secure substantial commercial agreements with existing customers and deploy the solution globally.

In 5 years we look to position Tukuoro technology as a market standard for Secure and Accurate voice UI.

More about Tukuoro

Country: Israel

Co-founder: Amir Tsrouya




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