Startup Spotlight #74 Co-one

July 29, 2021

Co-one is an artificial intelligence-based, gamification-supported crowdsourced data annotation platform. They provide a SaaS data annotation service to the A.I. companies fast & accurately. Ataberk Arman Kayhan, Co-One’s co-founder and our alumni from this year’s Bayer G4A Program, shared their insights and plans for the future.

When and why did you found your startup?

I have been studying A.I. for 2 years at my MSc. One of our teammates who was working for an A.I. lab reached to us in a compliant manner and stated that he had been labeling data at a desktop for hours and it had been exhausting for him. This was the moment we realized that data annotation is manual, human-dependent work. After our research, we learned that up to 50% time of an A.I. project is wasted on data annotation. Therefore this process slows A.I. down. Then we funneled A.I. customers to ensure that the problem is real. This was followed by team creation, MVP prep., PoC performing, and pre-seed investment round.

Tell us about your team.

We are two founders, Ataberk Arman Kayhan and Mert Menekse. We have been working together for 5 years. We know how to understand customer needs, how to build a product to scale, how to sell and how to fundraise.

What are your key and unique features?

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The unique value proposition of Co-one consists of three significant features. First, the data annotations are done through a super-easy mobile application, which enables humans to annotate faster with quality. Secondly, smart crowdsource annotation control mechanisms ensure high-quality annotations. Thirdly, an active learning mechanism enables the system to automate the annotation process and diminish the manual human annotation need.

Tell us about numbers that matter to you.

Firstly, the amount of data that is annotated. Current total accessible data annotators. (mobile app users). Conversions from the sales pipeline are also an important stage. Inbound reach/outbound reach numbers have a critical impact on our brand.

What are your plans for the next year and the next five years?

Being a European company, Co-one aims to broaden the annotation services to Europe. Short Term Goals; we want to reach out to the target A.I. customers in Turkey and annotate recurring 20,000 data/month. Develop B2B and B2C products, to widen our target. Broaden annotation services to Europe with developing products. Long Term Goals; we aim to become the valuable data provider of the A.I. industry and to become the Amazon of the data market.






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