Startup Spotlight #84 AgriDunya

January 6, 2022

The significance of agricultural innovation becomes more visible day by day. As the 2nd Sustainable Development Goal suggests, we need to reduce the lack of food. According to the UN, "If recent trends continue, the number of people affected by hunger will surpass 840 million by 2030, or 9.8 percent of the global population." AgriTech here comes to the rescue with its disruption. Innovators worldwide rack their brains to overcome food insecurity and improve nourishment. Our startup spotlight guest this week is AgriDunya from Pakistan. AgriDunya is an agritech-startup company that is working to develop an e-marketplace in the Agricultural Sector of Pakistan. They have been working on a mobile phone application & business model design for almost a couple of years now. They have been able to crystallize a sustainable solution to Agri-sector's problem. The application by "AgriDunya" is accessible on the Google play store. They bring a solution for the completed bandwidth of the agricultural sector, solving procurement problems of farmers/ producers, connecting buyers and sellers to trade in a variety of products. AgriDunya will also provide financial services, employment opportunities, and farming solutions as well as increase the knowledge base of our users.

Tell us about your team.

A number of cross-functional team members: 10 Ameet Tarbani, the co-founder of AgriDunya, has a Bachelors's degree in chemical engineering from NED University. Ameet Tarbani has been in the agricultural commodities business for ten years and is an expert in this field. He is well-versed in the agricultural commodities trade from beginning to end. Rahul Dembani, the co-founder of AgriDunya, has a Masters's degree in software engineering From China. Rahul has over eight years of experience in software development and has built CRM systems for large corporations. He is passionate about the digitalization of the agriculture industry because he comes from a family that has been in the agriculture crop business and understands the issues that both sellers and farmers face. Faiq Hasnain , the co-founder of AgriDunya, is a chemical engineer with more than 10 years of corporate experience working in entities like Nestle & Engro and having expertise in project development, execution, operations & commercial management of megaprojects. He brings his commercial strengths in this venture & will be essential in managing Revenue & procurement operations set up and setup of team and office operations in corporate style.

When and why did you found your startup?

We are growing fast as a team and providing solutions to the agriculture sector of Pakistan concerning their daily problems. New technologies emerge every day, and so do the problems. AgriDunya is designed to benchmark these technologies to evaluate their potential in the agricultural sector in the long run. We provide modern techniques to prepare crops and nourish them and facilitate farmers via modern machinery for seamless seed processing. Also, we are promoting healthy farming and sustainable agriculture and are keen on conducting real-time experiments to create healthy crop nutrition. AgriDunya is bridging the gap between different agriculture sectors like supply chain, Distribution units, traders, mills, and others with a common medium of communication, so they have the peace of mind in getting done with their business day-to-day activities with the right information and data. In a digital environment, we are promoting a healthy and natural lifestyle. We aim to provide them with the best solution to their problems and enable them by creating an international standard of agriculture. We also offer marketing and advertising solutions to the agricultural sector of Pakistan so they can promote their product and capture more audiences. We are a team of young and dynamic professionals with a mission to revolutionize the agricultural industry by providing effective solutions for businesses and consumers. We also offer social impact projects in our communities, collaborating with institutions and associations throughout Pakistan.

What are your key and unique features?

In an oversaturated market where it's challenging to get the attention of your target market, your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) can be the key to success. AgriDunya Unique Selling Proposition provides Digital Convenience to the Agriculture sector of Pakistan. Our USP is a fast, user-friendly, and easy way to connect with potential business partners from around the world. The agricultural sector of Pakistan is growing day by day, but there is no suitable platform for Farmers and Agriculturalists to connect.

Tell us about the numbers that matter to you.

Our Core Metrics • Status: Beta Testing phase (focusing more on user awareness & capture) • Bootstrapped : $35,000 • GMV: $85,000 (Planned to Grow over $50 Mn in first year of commercial operations) • Registered Users: 6000+, (planned 80,000 users addition by Dec.2022) • Number of cross-functional team members: 10

What are your plans for next year and the next 5 years?

The AgriDunya project focuses on the main objectives that are key to the project's strategic vision. It aims to improve agricultural production in Pakistan, reduce food insecurity, and reduce vulnerability in the country's agriculture sector. With grant funds, we will be able to work toward these objectives. By reaching out to more stakeholders across this value chain (producers, distributors, retailers), we will provide a complete solution for all actors involved in agriculture. We will effectively eliminate information gaps between stakeholders.

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