Startup Spotlight #91 CUX

November 24, 2022

AI development is one of the most crucial technological advancements of our generation. The global AI market is worth more than $136 billion as of 2022. And the value of the AI industry is expected to increase by 13x in the next eight years. As a result, the importance of AI in enterprise UX design cannot be overstated. AI assists designers and developers at every stage of the UX process, ultimately improving and simplifying their job. UX designers may be able to create better products for their clients by applying AI and predictive analytics, which try to determine what people require or how they should respond in a given situation. Our startup spotlight guest this week is from Poland. is a UX & Analytics Automation Tool that predicts which customer behaviours may kill your sales. Thanks to ML, neuromarketing, and the combination of quantitative and qualitative behavioural analytics, CUX can automatically select data to find customers' problems and help you increase conversion. Clients' experience shows that creating an effective analytical process has required them to use several tools, employ a dedicated team of specialists and devote approximately 720 hours to reaching valuable conclusions. CUX can shorten this process to 1 means, one expert, and only 23 minutes! Head of Marketing Kamila Kotowska told us about their journey.

Tell us about your team.

Despite its small size, our team brings together experts in their fields whose complementary competencies are complementary. Paulina Walkowiak (CEO, co-founder) is a behavioural pattern analyst and marketing researcher specializing in UX research who shapes the product. Her husband, Kamil Walkowiak (CTO, co-founder), is a programmer with a product flair responsible for product and technology development. We also have a marketing team, two developers, and a newly created sales team.

When and why did you found your startup?

The story behind comes from the combination of Paulina's experience as an ex-Kantar marketing & customer experience researcher and Kamil's as an entrepreneur and software engineer. They decided to start a boutique software house but needed a tool that would enable them to understand how the product they developed works for the end users. And, of course, how to increase its performance for its customers. One thing led to another; they've found themselves full-time-invested in development.

What are your key and unique features?

Behavioural consumers' profiles are applicable in the cookieless world. An effortless and quick finding of users' pain points and quick wins. Qualitative answers to questions about buyer intent, abandoned carts, real customer journey, and user experience. Immediate spotting of "missed opportunities" for conversion increase. Campaigns' behavioural analytics – quick wins & optimization opportunities.

Tell us about the numbers that matter to you.

Over 1,200 companies have trusted us with their data-driven transformation (among them companies like T-Mobile, TVN Discovery Group, or GroupM). We're on our way to increasing yearly revenue by 52% (in comparison to 2021).

What are your plans for the next year and the next 5 years?

Next year: acquire 80 up-market clients across Europe; earn €1M ARR 5 years: enter US market; acquire 600 global clients; earn €6-8M ARR.

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