Startup Spotlight #92 MOVE ON

February 28, 2023

Agtech is an innovative approach combining agriculture and technology to optimize food production and create sustainable practices. This vertical plays a crucial role in addressing the global challenges of feeding a growing population and preserving the environment. In addition, the integration of AI in Agtech is creating innovative solutions that address the challenges of sustainable food production. By utilizing AI, Agtech companies can analyze data, optimize resource allocation, and increase efficiency in irrigation, soil analysis, and crop management. AI can also provide insights into weather patterns and plant health, enabling farmers to make data-driven decisions to improve yields and reduce waste. Our startup spotlight guest is MOVE ON from Turkey. MOVE ON is an AI-based AgTech startup that develops autonomy and data analysis software for tractors and farm management. Founder of MOVE ON Ömer Faruk Koç, told us about their story.

Tell us about your team.

Our hands on the keyboard and feet in the field. Because our team is consist of 8 people who are an engineer & farmer.

When and why did you found your startup
As a farmer with a master's degree in Computer Engineering, my area of expertise is in the intersection of computer vision and agriculture. While tending to my farm and operating my tractors, I noticed a recurring issue with inefficiencies and errors, which led to 8% of overall inefficiency, particularly during harvesting season. In addition, expensive fuel, seed, and fertilizer costs, along with soil degradation from excess fertilizer usage, further amplified the problem. To tackle these challenges, I began developing an innovative solution - integrating autonomous technology into tractors through computer vision. This technology will not only increase efficiency but will also help lower operational costs and reduce environmental impacts. With my expertise in this field, this solution will help revolutionize the agriculture industry.

What are your key and unique features?
What we are different about is that, as farmers, we see the problems ourselves, and as engineers, we produce technological solutions to these problems. At the same time, our technologies are artificial intelligence, sensor fusion, and cloud. So, we are working for agriculture5.0 with today and future technology.

What is your startup's stage? 

Early Revenue - $1.000 - $5.000 revenue per month.

Tell us about the numbers that matter to you.

Our Kit's Sales (Hardware + Software) 6
Our AI Algorithm's Sales (software) 3
Patents 3 ( 1 PCT)
Trademarks 3
Competition Winner 4 (Tubitak BIGG, Falling Walls 2020, ISIF'21, ARCA'21)

What are your plans for the next year and the next 5 years?
To increase our sales in Turkey in 2023 and to strengthen our market. We want to come to mind first regarding agriculture and artificial intelligence in Turkey. In parallel, we want to go global with our products and services by clarifying our new market expansions. We must announce our technology to the world, especially in Eastern Europe and the MENA Regions. We have already started the work.

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