Startups.Watch Agritech Demoday, March 2021

March 29, 2021

Startups.Watch’s Demo Day is a series of events to showcase the most promising startups in Turkish ecosystem presenting their solutions in various sectors. After two Demo Days in January and February, the event continued with third edition on 24 March. This edition of demo day accommodated start-ups operating in the Agritech vertical. During demo day, 7 founders pitched their products and services.

Serkan Ünsal was hosting the meeting alongside Ömer Akarca from Galata Business Angels. As a welcome speech, İmran Gürakan from Bilkent Cyberpark, underlined the importance of technoparks in the process of incubation. “Being the first Teknokent in a foundation university, Bilkent Cyberpark continues collaborating with 250 high tech companies. Similar to other industries, we were challenged by pandemic. However, investments in technology did not stop and we had to adapt to the new order. Then we continued working online, with our program we previously moved to digital platforms. Ankara seems less advantageous in the commercial matters but has its high technical capabilities and Cyberpark is working to close this gap. We take the importance of verticalization for startups into consideration while we are designing our programs. These Demo Day events are very beneficial both for startups and for investors since it gets these groups together in such a program.” then Bürakan added.

Demoday Key Jury Ömer Akarca pointed out the 10-year-transformation process of the startup ecosystem in Turkey. “Startup ecosystem in Turkey has progressed much in the last 10 years. At the beginning, we tried to adapt certain procedures and models that we gathered abroad to our culture. Now we see that the progress has reached the agriculture sector. Agricultural industry is an intensely strategic and exciting sector. We’ll see what we will witness in following times in the ecosystem.” Akarca explained.

Let’s see who pitched at SmartX Demo Day 2021

Ömer Faruk Koç - Move On

Move on is working on a multidisciplinary operation developed by AI motion-processing softwares, during agricultural activities in Konya. They designed an extension mechanism that prevents certain productivity slowdown, and it is adaptable for all tractor models, making them AI backed autonomous versions of models. This project is both B2B and B2C, providing a technological cloud based platform with artificial visualization for all users.

Supported by electronics, mechanics and hydraulics formations, Move On starts sales in the Marmara region.

Mert Demirel - Görsentam 

Görsentam is a project focused on analytical solutions with AI supported tools operating in the agricultural technology field. Early warning system gathers data on temperature, humidity, rain, and wind, then sets into a deep learning algorithm and transmits to the user on a cloud based platform. The outstanding feature is the accuracy rate of detection, and our agricultural and technical advantages.

Levent Atlas - ForFarming

There is an increasing demand for healthy and fine food in many regions in the world but there are also certain problems emerging in the supply process. With pandemics these problems became more visible and pushed farmers to operate in narrower fields in shorter periods of time. ForFarming offers farmers effective solutions in increasing their productivity and production quality on cloud based platforms supported by big data methods. Users operate more efficient production by saving on water, electricity, fertilizer, time and labor force. For a healthier future, we are trying to increase productivity by using smart agritech solutions.

Orkun Aşa - Hummingdrone 

Hummingdrone develops autonomous drone solutions for industrial necessities. The pressure that the climate change crisis implies on us, pushed us to work on dealing with the problem. Hummingdrone’s system is designed to an AI supported analysis on fields with accurate and sensitive visual information. Agricultural engineers use the system and smart maps instead of batting around the field. During the process Hummingdrone uses our drone system customized for agricultural exploration rides with long estimated time of flying.

Mustafa Huroğlu - Frux

Frux digitalizes agriculture and moving agricultural fields to the cities. Urbanization rates are pretty high in Turkey and the sustainability and quality of agricultural activities became disputable. Digitalization of vertical agriculture helps us to minimize water, fertilizer and area consumption.  With the transformation of city centers into agricultural fields Frux will shorten the supply process and ease the tracking methods. Frux offers users a cloud based platform that contains visual and analytical information supported by AI backed infrastructure that can improve itself.

Hasan İmge Çelik - FarmLabs

Farmlabs is a new generation agricultural technology platform. There is an excessive consumption of resources and food demand. As a solution to this excess demand, FarmLabs optimizes fertilizer, water and pharmaceutical consumption which is an advantage especially for the small and midsize agriculture firms. There is no need for users to renew their machines to use our service, since it is a AI supported information and development tracker during the production. Users also can see instant updates, control and intervene at any time with mobile and web supported applications.

Batuhan Hançerlioğulları - OlFarm

OlFarm makes plants grow in a confined space that is prepared for the plants. In those spaces, we provide the best environment for plants to grow at the most optimal conditions. According to the UN Food and Agricultural Organization, the need for food will increase by 50%. In order to contribute against this problem, OlFarm designs landless agricultural platforms placed on shelves at which they provide optimal levels of humidity, temperature and CO2 for plants. OlFarm can also create a prescription for various plants taking the parameters into consideration. According to results, OlFarm managed to observe two times faster growth in an environment that is perfectly prepared for operation, than a normal agricultural land.

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