Startups.Watch AI Demo Day, May 2021

May 31, 2021

Startups Watch's Demo Day focused on artificial intelligence this month. Every month, these demo days will focus on different categories of startups. In this challenging and innovative business world, artificial intelligence and big data have great potential and roles. Also, Ai helps with the performance and productivity of businesses in this fast scaling ecosystem. Serkan Ünsal made his welcome speech and starting with Tunç Özgül as the main speaker from AWS Turkey and one of our mentors. Tunç drew attention to that Ai is not just in the presentations or used by pilots, now it is in our lives. It is a new area that is planned to invest more than 50 billion dollars in this year. In two to three years, Ai will be placed 75% of the global organizations' operations.

Atıl Erken from Collective Sparks, one of the juries on this demo day, continued the event. Atıl shared the Collective Spark's investments they focused on for the early stage of assets. In the three years, they have made twelve investments, and the fields they are interested in are fintech, SaaS, and enterprise software. But he highlighted that last two years; they are also interested in other areas like gaming, health, retail tech, and education.

Six juries have selected ten startups to be placed in Ai Demo Day. To represent the jury, Atıl Erken was at the live broadcast with Serkan Ünsal. Let's see the selected ten startups;

PensorAI - M. Senan Daşdemir

The platform scales and tests thousands of apps in parallel without the need to code or maintain tests. PensorAI automates testing for the most impactful user experiences so that you can publish your apps faster.

wiCow - Tolga Çırak

wiCow is an intelligent early warning and innovative health tracking system created for cattle and buffalos. Artificial intelligence-based wiCow, can detect heat, 24-hour advanced calving, calving, and fever with 96% accuracy. wiCow can be used both prepartum and postpartum. Since wiCow monitors the cattle' health, the milk yield of the cows automatically improves. The system can be tracked down via "wiCow Pro" app.

Cognitiwe - Mete Bayrak

Cognitive uses mathematical algorithms to extract useful information from images captured by CCTV cameras. They are video analytics experts with proprietary technology compatible with your existing hardware.

CranioCatch - İbrahim Şevki Bayraktar

CranioCatch reveals the potential of automatic diagnosis and treatment planning in 2D and 3D dental radiographs with the power of artificial intelligence technology developed with machine learning and deep learning algorithms. 

Cevelyn - Aysun Demirdöğen

Cevelyn is not your average classical Composer as she is not a human but an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). Even amongst her kind, she is pretty unique; as opposed to the A.I. systems that we use in our daily lives — search engines, voice-over assistants, auto-pilots — Cevelyn can write beautiful and emotional music. This deed is considered to be deeply human. Clipsal Software Technology and R&D Company designs and develops Cevelyn, the Artificial Intelligence that composes music for malls, movies, commercials, games, and tv shows. 

VooDoo - Ahmet Hayran

OneZero Intelligent Technology has adopted a vision to facilitate and enrich your business with artificial intelligence-based business solutions. Our product Voodoo Robotic Process Automation, is enterprise-grade and zero-code application-optimized and designed for business users. Besides, it has advanced capabilities for developers and administrators. Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows enterprises to automate high-volume, repeatable tasks just like a human being was doing across systems and applications. The main goal of RPA to replace repetitive and tedious clerical tasks performed by humans with a virtual workforce.

Skywen - Sedat Mança

With the autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Skywen) designed and developed by Arventek, you can capture visual geographic data, turn that data into business intelligence and automate the business processes of industries with our Artificial Intelligence Supported Platform. As an information technology company, targeting the problems experienced in the construction industry in matters such as time, cost, resource, coordination, progress payment, measurement, distance, danger and data analysis, and the technology market open to development, we manufacture the latest technology VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing), Hybrid Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, Drones) designed and developed by us. In addition, we create a photogrammetry data processing and reporting platform with artificial intelligence and machine learning support by extracting meaningful data from the image data we obtain from drones.

CounterFake - Furkan Arslan

Counterfake is developing an AI-based software that searches the Internet and social media platforms and detects counterfeit products, design, and copyright violations on any customer product. The software uses image recognition and machine learning techniques, detects counterfeit products, and removes them from sales.

T-Fashion - Yiğit Alp Elmas

Increase your profit with real-time and spot-on fashion trend forecasting reports for your target audience with an AI-based T-Fashion platform. With T-Fashion's AI-powered trend forecasting platform, grasp trend dynamics through billions of interactions taking place online. Receive customized fashion analytics and data-driven trend insights to produce/buy the right product at the right time.


AIWorkDesign - Kamil Çöllü

AIWorkDesign helps wind power plants to comply with regulations and increase their profitability by providing artificial intelligence-supported daily and hourly energy production forecasts.

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