Startups.Watch DeepTech Demo Day, September 2021

October 4, 2021

As we head into the last 4 Demo Days of 2021, StartupsWatch hosted their Online Demo Day for Deep Tech startups on 29 September.

Serkan Ünsal began the Deeptech Demo Day with a welcoming speech. Starting with the program flow, he introduced Gürol Üzenç, the manager of Cube Incubation as the main speaker of the Deeptech Demo Day, kicking off with the video of Cube Incubation center’s recent launch, who aims to embrace the innovative ideas and deeptech world together. Gürol started his words as follows; “With the excitement of the launch of Cube Incubation center and being able to contribute entrepreneurs with demo days we are proud. At the same time, we are pleased to be featured in this online event with Startups Watch.” His speech was followed by how Cube Incubation started and what their goal is in the ecosystem besides their programs and support system that they have developed through all phases of startups. Their main aim is to scale up the deeptech startups into the global markets. Lastly, he marked that they recently published a report that is about entrepreneurship on deeptech in Turkey and the world.

Erman Turan from Addwise was invited to the stage as the jury of the Deeptech Demo Day, after Gürol’s speech. Erman began his speech by introducing Addwise. Starting from mid-2020, Addwise is investing in early-stage startups. Especially in the healthtech, medtech, health IT, biotech, and deeptech areas, and he highlighted since then they have invested in 18 startups. Among 18 startups, 14 of them are in the deeptech field, which makes %70 of their investments related to this. Furthermore, they also had an exit on 18 June 2021 with NASDAQ on an IPO.

Let’s take a look at the seven selected startups who pitched at Deeptech Demo Day:

Arventek - Sedat Mança: An autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Skywen) designed and developed to capture geographic visual data, turn that data into business intelligence and automate the business processes of industries with our Artificial Intelligence Supported Platform.

Sentetika - Cumhur Yıldırım: AI-powered knowledge acquisition and knowledge management systems for R&D and industrial-specific needs: saving cost & time for complex prototyping process, providing more accurate production process, increasing the outputs qualitatively and quantitatively.

Ara Robotics - Ali Tan Şerbetçi: ARA designs and manufactures disruptive autonomous mobile commercial/industrial service robots and floor maintenance ecosystems.

Robots inspect, vacuum, scrub, wash, polish and decontaminate all types of floors and even maintain themselves in complete autonomy with their patented design.

Bren - Çınar Laloğlu: It is a manufacturing industrial IoT solution to increase energy saving, efficiency, and reduce risks in the industry by monitoring critical equipment integrated with Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Texinsight - Çetin Kosifoğlu: A human-focused, and Artificial Intelligence-based deeptech company. It has four products for facilities; efficient sight, quality sight, safe sight, and analytic sight. Their products have been developed to provide solutions to our customers' problems in different fields. You can request a PoC study right away, as it's all backed by fieldwork.

Lugath - Orçun Ülgen: Lugath is an AI-based proactive translation and SaaS platform for international companies and SMEs that need machine and human translation services for documents, images, voice, or video-based sales-marketing materials, product manuals, or web site contents.

VevaLabs - Doğan Ulus: An intuitive system verification and safety validation framework for simulation-based testing of highly automated driving systems. Carefully designed to tackle the biggest challenges in the field and scale up with your needs progressively.

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