Startups.Watch Edtech Demo Day, October 2021

November 3, 2021

Startups Watch organized the tenth demo day of 2021 for Edtech startups. It was held on 27 October with various jury members and the main speaker Serkan Ünsal

Edtech stands for the use of computer hardware, software, educational theory, and practice to help students learn more effectively. EdTech refers to the industry of companies that generate educational technology when referred to by its abbreviation. It is a milestone for the future with the transformation of the educational system. The online Demo Day invited Alp Köksal the director of Khan Academy, as the main speaker. After Serkan’s opening speech, he invited Alp Köksal to the stage to learn more about his career, Khan Academy, and his vision on education. Alp started his words by introducing Khan Academy, which is also a startup established in Silicon Valley. He also noted that he shares, and knows the excitement of the startups’ on the same path. Being an Edtech is also being a social impact startup since they have no interest in making a profit. He especially drew attention to the transformation that affected education during the pandemic. He pointed out that people should never forget that the transfer of information is a part of education, but always remember to put humans first while creating designing, and developing Edtech.

Thereafter the partner and the board member of Şirket Ortağım, Adem Duman participated in the live event as the jury member. Şirket Ortağım is an angel investor network and has been in the ecosystem for seven years. He mentioned in the last seven years they invested in 15 startups and pointed that they are curious about Edtech startups to invest in. 

On the tenth demo day of the series, here are the ten startups who pitched at the Edtech demo day:

Cyou Live - Serkan Canberk: Cyou Live creates a lifelong environment with enthusiastic people from all around the world. It is a social learning platform for everyone, and it has optimized features for coaches’ monetization needs such as booking, payment solutions.

Classest - Fatih Koca: Classest is an online tutoring platform where the most suitable tutors in academic and pedagogical terms are determined for students, only tutors with high image and professional success are found, and long-term trainings are given with live lessons, exams, and training coaching programs in the virtual environment developed by self.

Omnicourse - İsmail Postalcıoğlu: Omnicourse is a subscription-based capsule-sized audio course mobile platform where lecturers can get paid by the minutes listened. Listen to audio courses by experts from all fields to turn your daily activities into self-improvement sessions while commuting, running, or doing housework. From 5-minute learning bits to 3-hour full courses, Omnicourse provides you with insightful audio lessons. Listening to Omnicourse, you will gain the knowledge and grit you need to reach your full potential.

iOkul - Fatih Işık: iOkul is the new generation of educational technologies; which strengthen the communication between the administration, teachers, parents, and students.

Rokodemi - Mustafa Açıkgöz: Rokodemi offers all digital trainings for robotic coding, information technologies, and software design. It carries out the consultancy process for all your needs related to the Information Technologies and Innovation Classes and offers special solutions.

Graid App - Kerem Nayman: Graid App is a web service that can read exam papers containing multiple-choice, true-false, matching, and fill-in-the-blank question types with students' handwriting, without requiring any additional paper or machine. 

Nara EdTech (Story Bee) - Zafer Karadayı: Nara was established to provide services in every field where education and technology intersect. However, it is a technology company that offers Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and 5G solutions, especially in education.

Rebounce - Engin Kartal: Rebounce offers an online personalized tutoring platform with superior teaching experience powered by artificial intelligence.

Bomensoft - Bora Özdemir: Bomensoft Computer Technologies Ltd. is specialized in artificial intelligence, established as an R & D company, which serves in London to perform studies, researches, designs, and approved R&D projects on subjects such as internet of things, deep learning, machine learning. Bomensoft Computer Technologies PLC aims to create a world that runs on AI and deep learning. Our interest remains in the progressive use of these technologies.
Power Kids - Erkan Yeşersin: Power Kids is a student tracking system developed to eliminate the communication problem between parents and students in preschool education schools and to find answers to the question of "what did my child do at school today". It is a special kindergarten and nursery application developed in Turkish and English, which aims to create a communication channel between the educational institution and parents so that you can follow the development of children.

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