Startups.Watch Energytech Demo Day, August 2021

August 30, 2021

Startups Watch's Demo Day for this month was about Energytech. The Demo Day, which is now the 8th edition, was held on 25 August. 

Starting out by listing all the startups, Serkan Ünsal opened the 8th Demo Day of the year. Cihad Terzioğlu, the main speaker, was invited by Serkan to ignite the conversation. Cihad Terzioğlu is the founder and the manager of 360 Enerji, and a member of the MUSIAD Board of Directors and the Chairman of the Mining, Energy Management and Investments Committee. He is mainly focused on sustainable energies and technologies, he remarked that he is excited to be invited in the area of energy technologies. Also, he pointed out the significance of the Startup Watch’s Demo Days and how it fills a gap in the ecosystem. Cihad mentioned, he is an entrepreneur in the same field, and his startup’s products have been used by more than ten factories for energy sufficiency.

For the Demo Day of Energytech, the jury member was Arda Aşkın from StartersHub. He first introduced StartersHub, as they are an early stage VC. First they started as Startup Bootcamp Istanbul, and they mostly invested in startups that came out of an accelerator program. But in the last two and a half years, they call themselves a micro VC, investing in pre-seed startups. Aşkın noted that they are vertical fluid, as he mentioned they nearly invested in every field. After talking  about Startershub, investments, and how energy technologies impact the ecosystem, they officially started the Demo Day.

Let’s take a look at the seven selected startups who pitched at Energytech Demo Day:

SolarVis - Samet Yıldırım:

With the different modules they offer, SolarVis is strengthening Solar EPC companies. Each module can communicate with each other as well as work independently.

Car4Future - Doğu Can Seyidoğlu:

Car4Future creates a profile suitable for your vehicle and model. You can add your car in the app and enter the remaining battery level. We will show you the charging stations within your range. Thus, you can easily find the best charging station for you without wasting any precious time.

Ecowatt - Anıl Yakar:

Ecowatt is a clean energy generation from liquid organic waste with green energy modules.

Enerji Analiz - Barışcan Kaya:

ENSI is a simple, exciting, and easy-to-use energy generation and trading simulation that introduces students and employees to fundamental energy concepts.

Lolo - Tayfun Koçak:

Lolo Battery aims to produce environmentally friendly and high energy density lithium batteries.

Batron Enerji - Yusuf Kaya:

Batron Enerji provides design and production services for Smart Li-Ion Battery Energy Storage and Energy Management Systems. They offer long-lasting solutions to uninterrupted and off-grid energy needs with our products that meet international standards and are cost-competitive. The limited supply resources for standard and customer-specific battery design in our country lead device designers to unreliable Far East products. In this regard, being a reliable domestic product supplier is one of our most important goals.

RePGHüseyin Karayağız:

RePG Enerji Sistemleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. works on renewable energy systems with innovative solutions and patents. Innovative electric power production products for home and industrial applications from renewable energy sources which can work almost all year, range extender products of electric vehicles which works with renewable energy sources, fuel production products for conventional vehicles from renewable energy sources, the renewable energy source used engine systems, heating, cooling, air conditioning and ventilation systems for home applications, industrial applications and vehicles are manufactured and apply by company.

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