Startups.Watch Fintech Demo Day, June 2021

July 2, 2021

Startups Watch's Demo Day series of monthly events continued with an emerging industry. On the sixth edition of the demo day startups on Fintech were selected to pitch their products and services. Fintech has an important and emerging position in the ecosystem. It is remodeling the finance sector and everyone who is touching it in some way. There is a huge impact on the economy with fintech innovation and a shift in the traditional finance system. 

Serkan Ünsal announced that they have received sad news in the morning, the Founder of Iyzico, Tahsin Isın has passed away, leading to some changes in the event. After Serkan gave his condolences to his family and friends, he made an introduction to the event. After the brief introduction, he kindly invited the main speaker, a faculty member of Istanbul University, and the co-founder of Fintech’s Istanbul, Prof. Dr. Selim Yazıcı to the stage. Selim started his speech with his condolences and marked that Tahin made a great impact on the fintech ecosystem in Turkey. He continued explaining their company, Fintech Istanbul is touching the fintech industry in different points. But nowadays, as they are planning to lean on more on digital banking that the licenses are coming next year, their main focus is on digital banking this year. He pointed out that they aim to expand their abilities on fintech, and besides he mentioned that they have a training catalog which they updated according to this plan of expansion.

As a juries representative, Gülce Günindi from 212 was at the event. She also sent her condolences to Tahsin Isın. She made an introduction that more news will be coming up from the 212 sides in the following days, and they jumped into the selected startups’ presentations. 

Let’s take a look at the selected eight startups that have pitched at the fintech demo day:

Bakiyem - Umut Yalçın: is an Ankara-based financial technology company that provides online payment solutions to merchants of different sizes who want to receive payments from their customers easily, quickly, and at low costs.

Finteo Açık Bankacılık - Şenay Yüksel: Finteo Open Banking Portal is a B2B Fintech solution that allows you to control, manage, and make accurate and fast decisions on a single screen, for various reasons and needs in different banks.

Ovinot - Yüksel Samast: Ovinot is a mobile-friendly cloud application developed to enable self-employed and small company/business owners to carry out their business transactions, documents, and money processes securely, quickly, and easily. - Onur Güzey: helps businesses operating in Turkey to reach more than one financial institution at the same time for their financing needs, enabling them to receive advantageous offers regarding receivable financing, SME loans, and export financing such as postpaid checks and/or invoice assignments, thus saving on finance and making transactions faster. enables them to complete it.

TeklifimGelsin - Cem Zararsız: TeklifimGelsin is a digital bidding platform that enables banks to provide tailor-made offers for individual and corporate customers.
Banknot (Finkoto) - Erdi Sözer: Banknot is the application of Finkoto. It is an application that is much more than a personal finance app. It provides useful tips while helping you control your financial situation. Easily track your financial status by adding all the bank accounts you receive service to the application.

Riskoptima - İlkay Boduroğlu: RiskOptima Robotrader brings a new approach to portfolio management. It opens and manages portfolios of stocks, futures, forex, and even cryptocurrency instruments combining Artificial Intelligence with the concept of "Statistical Arbitrage". Their "market-neutral" portfolio creation algorithm not only has Deep Learning enclosed but also introduces Cause-and-Effect relationships into A.I.

Fanaliz - Atakan Yücel: Fanaliz is a SaaS Fintech company that operates in credit risk management and data analytics. Their solution can measure the credit risk of customers in seconds and does this by analyzing hundreds of variables obtained from different resources. The solution helps companies to improve their customer assessment process and also increase their revenue by optimizing sales and risk strategies. Also, they are one of our alumni from Entertech BNP Cardiff.

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