Startups.Watch Martech / Adtech Demo Day, July 2021

July 30, 2021

On 28 July 2021, Startups Watch's Demo Day was about Martech and Adtech. Each month, Demo Day continues without slowing down, creating awareness through selected startups, speakers, and jury members. In the 7th edition, Martech and Adtech were the emerging and exciting industries. Aside from other sectors such as fintech, retailtech, or healthtech, the Demo Day showed us that there are vast opportunities in the martech industry that are waiting to be discovered. Also, excellent opportunities for VCs to catch a chance at an evolving and growing industry.

Serkan Ünsal made the opening for the seventh edition of the Demo Day on martech and Adtech industries and showed us the selected startups. He invited the main speaker of the online event, Oktay Kalem from Yapı Kredi, the Digital Marketing and Sales Director. Oktay started his speech by saying “Martech and Adtech is an exciting topic for them and all the banking industry in Turkey, especially with the Covid digitalization transformed faster than we thought. This is where the marketing industry is affected.” Starting with the banking sector, he gave an example that even sectors that don’t need digitalization started to digitalize their marketing strategies. Because everyone is looking for an answer to “how?”, digitalization can be measurable.

Martech and Adtech Demo Day's jury member Sedat Avşar, Managing Director and Partner at Techventure VC, continued after the main speaker. Starting with Techventure VC, founded in 2020, he highlighted that they are investing with their funds. They had invested in four startups, and this year they are about to invest in two startups. They plan to continue investments in Turkey and to open up globally.

Let’s take a look at the seven selected startups who pitched at the martech/adtech demo day:

Bilbordia - Demir Aydemir: 

Bilbordia is bringing freedom and justice to the small and midsize businesses in the OOH arena. With transparent policies and easy to use self-service model, any company or any digital agency would make their advertising campaign as to how they make it in digital advertising. Bilbordia is the future of OOH, where Media Planning is backed by Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and automation. This brings many optimizations to the system, reducing costs and improving profits for advertisers and media owners.

Medialyzer - Mustafa Güllü:

Medialyzer's AI-based algorithm measures the impact of each ad airing on online activity. Their cutting-edge video recognition technology provides advertisers with new data in real-time. Analyzing your media investments' impact on online consumer behavior is the key to boost your ROI. Master your consumer journey with Medialyzer's integrated marketing platform.

Mediaa Ads - Fırat Gül:

Mediaa Ads AG creates new and mobile out-of-home advertising spaces which help companies and brands to increase their brand awareness.

Fenomio - Özgür Taşkaya:

Fenomio is a performance-driven social media influencer marketplace where advertisers can work with micro and macro-influencers on pay-per-click (CPC), pay-per-install model (CPI), or revenue share models. Launched in October 2020, Fenomio works with leading brands in Turkey such as Yemeksepeti (Delivery Hero), Çiçeksepeti, Pepapp, Qumpara, and Dolap.

Livad - Arda Genç

​​LIVAD Technologies is a software company that allows streamers in the LIVAD Network to serve automatic text, image, or video advertisements that are targeted to Livestream content and audience. These advertisements generate revenue for streamers on either a per-click or per-impression basis while providing advertisers with an opportunity to run fully automated and highly engaging campaigns.

Arvia - Burhan Bozkurt:

Arvia builds a real-time communication platform as a service which makes starting a video meeting very easy yet powerful. Arvia also provides SDKs and APIs for developers to help them quickly add video, audio, and text communication features to their websites or mobile apps.

Earnado - Barış Korkmaz:

Earnado is a novel system that makes marketing decisions based on algorithms and completes tasks with online professionals. Their algorithm studies especially for your industry and competitors to create jobs that professionals will meet to grow your business.

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