Startups.Watch Retailtech Demoday, April 2021

May 5, 2021

Startups. Watch's Demo Days is a series of events to showcase the most promising startups in the Turkish ecosystem presenting their solutions in various sectors. The fourth edition of the event was a demo day special for Retailtech startups on 28 April 2021. Ten startups were selected to pitch their products and services on the demo day.

Serkan Ünsal hosted the online event with the main speaker Tutku Altındal, Corporate Communications Department Manager at MediaMarkt Turkey. As MediaMart Turkey, Tutku mentioned that only being in the startup ecosystem for three years, and pointed out that startups in the retailtech field started to grow in 2018 when they partnered with Hackquarters. In three years, the retailtech startups developed, and at the same time, we began to change our challenges into the global ecosystem.

The jury of this edition of Demo Day, Duygu Eren, General Manager at Keiretsu Forum. Highlighted the importance of growing ecosystem; exits, unicorns, decacorns; with these essential values, all the attention moved to startups. Duygu said Keiretsu Forum is increasing with investors and investments from the Keiretsu side, happy to see that the ecosystem is expanding and their assets and collaborations are rising.

Let's know the ten startups pitched at Retailtech Demo Day 2021

Ersin Güray - Poi Labs

Poi creates real-time instant interactions bringing the real world into the mobile for better experiences. Poi provides BLE beacon hardware, software components, and the resources to meet any customer's needs without the involvement of another supplier. Poi delivers location-based services in 3 main areas: Indoor Navigation, Advanced Analytics, and Marketing Platform. They used to provide a technological cloud-based platform with artificial visualization for all users. They focused on location-based technologies to enrich mobile moments and provide fully customizable and flexible solutions from beacon to SDK, a platform for operation and installation.

Eyüp Poyraz - Piple

Piple is a cloud-based workforce management tool that increases and optimizes the productivity of non-desk personnel and enables them to be managed with artificial intelligence and many features. The main problems Pipleaim to solve: irregular shift management, high turnover, inability to track entry and exit, premium problems, old-fashioned task management, and offline communication channels. Using Piple will makeshift management, bonus quickly and target tracking, entry, and exit tracking leave management, task management, and performance measurement.

Murat Ayrancı - SpeedyMarket

Speedy Market offers you a new way of experience shopping; whatever you want from their grocery will be provided 7/24 by Speedy robots to customers' homes. Speedy Market is the first concept in the world designed for being faster and making more safe delivery in your residence. All operations are done autonomously inside the place in five minutes by robots. The customer gives intelligent food innovative automat system after order ( food, drinks, +1000 home needs… ) via mobile application or browser. Customer get closed package free of charge with Speedy robots. There are no working hours because it is all done by robots non-stop during the day.

Eyüp Güner - Ropo

Ropo, which was created for the solution of problems in online shopping. Having its advantages as well as its shortcomings; think of issues such as purchasing products without touching or experiencing them, returns are a burden to the consumer, long and problematic delivery, and increasing costs. The team developed Ropo, where the customers can provide direct transportation and purchase the product they are looking for. Ropo is an innovative search engine that finds nearby products with updated location, in-stock, and price data. 

Can Sıvaran - Passer

Passer is a mobile application that improves your shopping experience at stores. By using the Passer application, you can check out quickly without waiting for queues. Passer app also allows users to buy favorite items online, check for the store's stock number, and enjoy exclusive benefits to Passer users.

Kürşad Arman - VenueX

VenueX offers an all-in-one solution to commercial properties and retailers to drive nearby shoppers in-store. VenueX makes physical businesses more visible on search engines, online directories, social platforms, and maps to attract customers searching nearby. By bringing local inventory, business data, and indoor maps online, we drive nearby shoppers in-store and boost sales. VenueX’s holistic analytics tool helps retailers analyze the shopper's journey to increase customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Venuex's robust APIs and SDK provide their partners with a rich development environment to build their tools and apps.

Ufuk Dağ - Cameralyze

Cameralyze brings artificial intelligence solutions to your physical locations, products, and visitors. Improve your business efficiency by understanding your visitor and product activities and receiving automated recommendations. All of them are real-time. You don't need to wait and any extra equipment!

Ozan Tezer - Trendbox

Trendbox focuses on collecting sales data in real-time from sales points that are using barcode readers. Using our hardware for minor sales points is ready to deploy the solution to start collecting sales data. For larger retailers, options are to use our hardware or using integration options like files or APIs to collect sales data. Once sales data starts being sent or retrieved, it will be collected in SAP HANA, in the Cloud. Here all sales data and other potential data layers are aggregated to create intelligent sales reports

Gökhan Gürşen - Occicor

Occicor is an Artificial Intelligence company that helps CPG companies achieve a "better shelf management by transforming images into actionable data" using Image Recognition powered with Artificial Intelligence. Occicor’s service, being fully automated, significantly increases the amount of data that a sales representative can collect, enhances analysis accuracy, and notably reduces the time needed for processing and analyzing the results, allowing you to evaluate your store performance at a glimpse. The system analyzes images of shelves, recognizes SKUs, and calculates KPIs, e.g., On-shelf SKU availability, several facings, shelf-OOS (out-of-stock), compliance with the planogram, shelf share, competitive environment, etc. — and generates an analytical report. As a result, you get highly qualitative information, speed up data processing, increase profitability and reduce transaction costs.

Kemal Uzel - Sepetix

With the Sepetix application, you can access Turkey's largest markets through a single channel, compare prices and stock situations, and save time and money. How do Sepetix works? Let's see; add the products you want to your cart. Go to the My Cart tab and compare the cart. Find out how much your cart will cost in which market by scrolling through the comparison page. You can add the products to your basket in the market where you are a member and continue shopping. If you want to continue your shopping in a real need, easily share or save your list.

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