SaaS Demo Day January 2021

February 4, 2021 Demo Days is a series of events to showcase the most promising startups in Turkish ecosystem presenting their solutions in various sectors. First demo day of the year was held on January 27, 2021. This edition of demo day accommodated start-ups operating in software as a service (SaaS) vertical. During demo day, 10 founders pitched their products and services.

Serkan Ünsal was hosting the meeting alongside Alperen Akkoyunlu from Vinci VC. As a welcome speech Bilal Topçu, General Manager of Teknopark Istanbul, underlined the importance of this demo day for both entrepreneurs, investors and also for the start-up ecosystem. “As Teknopark İstanbul, we are trying to support entrepreneurs regarding infrastructural obstacles they would face, in Cube Incubation.” Bilal Topçu added.

Following Topçu, Alperen Akkoyunlu shared Vinci Venture Capital and their plans for 2021. “In 2021, we will work hard to expand our portfolio with new start-ups to invest, besides current companies that we work with currently. We desire to continue following the latest updates in the start-up ecosystem and sustain our growth as the company.” Alperen Akkoyunlu concluded.

Let’s see who pitched at SaaS Demo Day 2021

Emre Elbeyoğlu, Popupsmart 

Elbeyoğlu first introduced Popupsmart, a system that operates in websites as adding Pop-ups in order to increase accessibility for clients. “We are operating in 19 different countries with more than 1700 websites. Our service mainly deals with the issue of low conversion rates. Popupsmart uses segmentation in websites to increase visibility that would increase the number of sales of telephone calls for a firm. During the process, Popupsmart utilizes AI backed target system and reaches the right person at the right time.” Elbeyoğlu continued.

Ercan Pilcioğlu, Wask

Wask is a system that eradicates certain digital marketing based problems that challenges marketing departments. “Today, companies using digital marketing tools have various problems with different requirements from Google, Facebook, and Instagram. As Wask, we created a system that is integrated with Google, Facebook and Instagram systems. Wask has reporting features besides easing the process for advertisers and providing them an optimized management for digital marketing tools.” Pilcioğlu added.

Ansın Öztürkmen, Databin

Ansın introduced the primary targets of Databin which is a medium that protects and preserves personal information. “We prepared different automatization modules for preservation of personal information. Since current systems that provide this service do not include recent prerequisites and are hard to keep up to date, our integrated system with specific analyses techniques shows high performance against data and information leaks.” Öztürkmen said.

Anıl Topal, Inspakt 

Inspakt is digitizing trust. “We digitalize the treaties, agreements and other paper based documents during trust-based progresses in the service sector by keeping documents under record. Inspakt also has a mobile application that customers may use to conduct their operations regarding their digitized paperworks.” Topal added.

Uğur Aca, MaxSpotter

“Firms are trying to reach different client segments but they face high costs and complex infrastructures. With MaxSpotter, we offer firms to provide predictable and sustainable cloud costs. Our target is firms in the optimization process and we want to continue growing by working on different cloud systems.” Acar said.

Burak Özdemir, Advopass

Legaltech Startup Challenge alumni Burak Özdemir pointed out the difficulties that lawyers have regarding underperformance. “Advopass was created in order to fully understand the financial and physical return of a work. Unfortunately lawyers cannot measure their profitability and follow their employees’ time efficiency. Since time is important in our job, we Advopass offers practical features on performance efficiency, dynamic utilization of sources and pricing mechanisms for bureaus.” Özdemir concluded.

Ersoy Soyer, Queeme

Queeme analyses and prevents the loss of time that people spend waiting in queues. “With pandemics, we had a transition to digital and contactless solutions. Not only do we introduce firms with efficient working models and increased productivity with Queeme but also we provide digital queue management systems that customers can use by choosing specific locations and offices they would like to get in the queue.” Soyer added.

Bensu Aydın, Jetlexa

Bensu Aydın emphasized the time clients and officials lose during documentation and paperwork processes. “Documents and paperwork are essentials of our commercial lives. With Jetlexa, we try to minimize both margin of error and time we lose by establishing a digital system where we draft all kinds of documents with our custom templates.” Aydın also added.

Gökhan Yılmaz, Timezeta

Timezeta is a cloud-connected project management system. “Timezeta is a management system where we try to maximize efficiency on time and financial sources. Hence, for increased productivity and efficient level of resources consumption we offer our hybrid cloud based management system. We operate in different subjects with productivity increasing and cost minimizing project management system.” Yılmaz concluded.

Furkan Akbulak, Ontime

“Employees operating in fields are sometimes hard to reach or supervise. Therefore equipment and materials become unpredictable for managers though. Our service ensures an increased productivity, eased reachability and duty tracking system for field agents.” Akbulak added.

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