SmartX Demo Day 2021

February 26, 2021

Startups.Watch’s Demo Days is a series of events to showcase the most promising startups in Turkish ecosystem presenting their solutions in various sectors. After its first demo on 27 January, the events continue with their second edition on 24 February. This edition of demo day accommodated start-ups operating in SmartX vertical. During demo day, 7 founders pitched their products and services.

Serkan Ünsal was hosting the meeting alongside Mehmet Buldurgan, head of Şirket Yatırım Angel Investor Network. As a welcome speech, Kaan Akin, Hackquarters CEO & Founder emphasized how this ecosystem did expand in the last 4-5 years. “Startup culture has become widespread and smoothly fit into our lives and also it has been very easy for startups to get together with corporations and collaborate upon various projects. What we see today is that a startup in 5-10 years can reach the point the large corporations had managed to in 50 years. Our advantage as an accelerator is that we also actively work with global innovation centers and engage with international networks where entrepreneurs and their companies would benefit from. That’s why we want our startups to go global, instead of remaining stable and operating locally.” Akın also added.

Jury of this edition of Demo Day, Mehmet Buldurgan underlined the importance of the startup ecosystem in Turkey. “ My Angel Investor Network has created an institutional structure where 7 strong partners operate in making investments to the initiatives we are interested in. Entrepreneurial spirit of the youth will be very beneficial for our country. I believe this spirit and this ecosystem will change the destiny of our country.” Buldurgan concluded.

Let’s see who pitched at SmartX Demo Day 2021

Bugay Çağlar - Hergele

Hergele produces electric scooters and provides software systems for car-sharing platforms and unit operations. “Intracity mobility is very important and we provide custom software services, besides electric scooters we produce. Micro-mobility is the field where we focus and accumulate our operations in. We created a strong brand insight and expanded our share in the market during our 60 days of campaign and will continue operating in order to expand our portfolio and production process.”

Emre Pehlivanlı - Servissoft 

Servissoft is created to assist the process of technical service. “With Servissoft, we aim to decrease costs arising from unexpected breakdowns or malfunctions and slowdown the depreciation process of equipment & tools. Our cloud based smart technical service program aims to predict and prevent these unexpected malfunctions and accelerate the inefficient communication process between customer-personal-technic service. Our target audience is firms that provide technical service or firms that provide services with their own service structures.”

Kerim Aytek Tok - Tea Network

Users usually try to deal with the service process and their utility would never become as it was before. Tea Network’s solution to this problem is that we create a cloud based platform that searches and determines potential problems to occur. System also automatically takes action regarding bottleneck analysis when there would be congestion in channels. With TEApot, we also help service provider through processes from correct customer choices to providing efficient support to customers. With our advantageous integration progress, we aim to expand to Europe and the Asia-Pacific.

Hümeyra Ergin - New Light

New Light is producing lighting armatures that would work both with electricity and when electricity goes off. “Also as a solution to the fear of the dark, we are producing a lighting system that both acts as a night light when electricity goes off or it is closed. Since the system also activates itself when there is a power cut it ensures consumers savings in electricity besides its potential benefits incase of an earthquake and so forth. Our fully local production and eradicated use of fossil fuels during fabrication is also an environmental friendly aspect of our product.” Ergin concluded.

Coşkun Yarar - E-baq

E-baq is a software providing nursing management and control systems for businesses. “In the facilities that we are already servicing there is not enough good inventory management. We are offering businesses a software which they would control their operating systems with categorized proper data with an information system that international companies also use. Our objective is to extend equipment life and decrease maintenance costs with the data we gather from our software, before equipment comes up with a malfunction problem.” Yarar added.

Mert Tan - Phobos Systems

Phobos robotic is a system that operates for driverless vehicle solutions for intra-logistic processes. “In the last 10 years, developments in the automobile industry have advanced sharply and driverless vehicles are widespread now. We decided to develop a navigation system that will help these autonomous vehicles during intra-logistics processes where forklift and et cetera vehicles are used for the purpose. We are working on solution systems that will navigate vehicles even in complicated and complex environments without needing any infrastructure, with 500 kg carrying capacity.” Tan emphasized.

Seda Kahraman -  SHK Bilişim

SHK is a geographical modular system that operates in a smart city procedure method. “Especially for municipalities, we observe that personnel dealing with more than one program is usually faced with inefficient time and effort allocation. Hence, we designed a software service that works synchronically and integrated with different programs and employees, besides eradicating time and effort losses occurred during progress between personnel groups operating on different tasks.

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