Streamlining Innovation: Workup 11th Batch Launches with 10 Cutting-Edge Startups

March 10, 2023

Workup 11th Batch commenced on 3 March 2023 and brought in a fresh batch of 10 innovative startups. The esteemed Workup Entrepreneurship Program, made possible with the backing of İşbank and overseen by Hackquarters, seeks to support emerging startups that produce effective solutions and enable them to expand globally regardless of their verticals (except some which require particular focus, such as Healthcare and Agriculture; there is a program for agriculture startups already-Workup Agri).
Startups in the Workup program can look forward to scaling opportunities and partnerships with İşbank and its partners, customized mentoring, perks worth more than $300,000, and opportunities to expand their businesses worldwide. 

The Workup program boasts a strong track record, with over 15,000 startups applying to date, and 95 have graduated. This has resulted in a noteworthy accomplishments for many alumni startups, including raising $15 million in investments and significantly improving their businesses.

The program continues to gain momentum, and this year witnessed a tremendous response, with 553 startups submitting applications. From these submissions, 15 out of 27 startups were shortlisted, and 10 were chosen for the program. This batch started with the onboarding meeting in Kolektif House Levent, attended by Workup Program Team and 11th Batch Startups founders, on March 3rd, 2023, Friday. The program will continue until September 2023, offering world-class coaching and networking, encouraging innovation with İşbank and its group companies, and granting access to investment networks.

Here are 10 startups selected for the 11th Batch of the Workup:

Artcomun: Artcomun is a marketplace platform that leverages the power of data and algorithms to connect users with hundreds of thousands of artists on a single platform, allowing them to manage their presence. It will enable artists to showcase their work for free and build their brand.

DRONEQUBE: DRONEQUBE is a robotic UAV station that automatically refills and changes batteries for uninterrupted, autonomous missions.

Getmobil: Getmobil is a platform that provides advantages such as doorstep delivery and instant payment during buying and selling processes, serving those who want to purchase refurbished devices and those who wish to sell their old ones.

Heybooster: Heybooster is software that translates e-commerce companies' digital marketing data into actionable business plans, connecting them with measurement and marketing tools and providing analysis.

Homster: Homster is software that allows homebuyers to visualize their future homes according to their tastes, creating a virtual tour for making conscious and secure purchase decisions.

MOBIQU: MOBIQU is a box platform that provides an end-to-end digital delivery experience in last-mile logistics and makes deliveries more innovative, digital, and sustainable.

Pivony: Pivony is a B2B SaaS Platform for business professionals to understand ever-evolving customer expectations in just a few clicks.

Quin AI: Quin AI is an artificial intelligence product that predicts visitors' intentions in real-time, allowing e-commerce companies to take more personal and human-oriented actions accordingly.

Ratic: Ratic is a game tech startup building a digital finance-infused gaming ecosystem.

Werover: Werover provides artificial intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things), and robotic solutions for preventive maintenance and 24/7 health monitoring of renewable energy assets. It has two products, Searover for underwater solutions and Windrover for wind energy solutions.

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