Take Off İstanbul Day # 3: The Big Day for Startups

September 20, 2019

Take Off İstanbul Day 3 was very excited for startups. 50 startups selected with mentor votes made their presentation on Day 3. Startups in different verticals made their pitch deck to the jury of the leading Turkish and global mentors in different sectors. Besides that, presentations of Google and Invest in Turkey was pretty catchy for participants.

Why Invest In Turkey

Take Off İstanbul #DAY 3 started with Chief Project Director of Invest in Turkey Necmettin Kaymaz’s presentation. He talked about investing in Turkey and the support of the government for entrepreneurs. At the end of the presentation, Necmettin Kaymaz answered participants’ questions.

Take Off DAY 3 Image
Take Off DAY 3 Image

Google Training Session

Take Off İstanbul Day 3 Google Training Session

Day 3 also included a Google training session in the afternoon. Trainer Devrim Ekmekçi was up first to talk about Measuring and Targeting for Startups, where he gave valuable recommendations on usage of Adwords & analytics, KPI Dashboards, and measurement of campaigns. Next up was trainer Yusuf Sarıgöz, who introduced Qwiklabs, Google's online Cloud Training portal, before completing a hands-on session on Machine Learning.

Take Off İstanbul Day 3 Google Training Session

Would you like to try Qwiklabs and receive Google Cloud training for free? Google has set up Cloud Study Jam-a-thon where you can learn more about Kubernetes, Machine Learning and BigQuery alongside many other Cloud concepts - enroll for free through this address (in Turkish)https://events.withgoogle.com/cloud-study-jam-a-thon/

Startup Pitches

Take Off İstanbul Day 3 Startup Pitches
Take Off DAY 3 Startup Pitches Image
Take Off İstanbul DAY 3 Startup Pitches Image
Take Off DAY 3 Startup Pitches Image
Take Off İstanbul DAY 3 Startup Pitches Image

In the afternoon, startup pitches are started. 49 semi-finalist startups made their pitch deck to the jury of the leading Turkish and global mentors in different sectors.The semi-finalist startups that made a presentation are:

Auto Train Brain

Auto Train Brain improves the cognitive abilities of dyslexics at home reliablyWebsite: www.autotrainbrain.com


Flexible Hybrid Nanogenerator running entirely industrial IoT device and wirelesssensor without using a battery with battery-less sensor mode


Energy sharing network and transfer hardware developed with blockchain technologyfor electric vehicles and autonomous cars.Website: car4future.tech


Comparisonator is a unique tool to compare players’ and teams’ performance dataaround the world. It assists scouts, sports directors, coaches, agents and players to make better and quicker decisions.Website: https://www.comparisonator.com


Connect-ION attracts attention to being an enterprise that starts out to transformabout 1 billion cars in the world without autonomous vehicle technology to an autonomous car. It is aimed to make it available for non-autonomous vehicle owners to have an autonomous vehicle after an easy installation procedure without throwing their current car investments away.Website: www.connect-ion.tech


“eMahkeme Online Incompatibility Solution Portal” aims to solve users’ judicialproblems fast, safely and economically.Website: https://www.emahkeme.com.tr/


Fanaliz helps companies measure credit risk in an easy, flexible and affordable way by applying algorithms based on data analytics.Website: https://www.fanaliz.com


FilameX is a mini filament machine focused on the recycling of waste plastics andfilaments to high-quality filaments.Website: https://www.3dfilamex.com/


Develops and produces smart agriculture machines aim for indoor agriculturetechnology.Website: hextechgreen.com


We are an R&D company that dealing with technical textiles and brings an innovative approach to heating needs in industrial areas, make them available for OEMs to reach the end-users.Website: www.iltema.com.tr


inMapper is an interactive indoor map platform for large buildings such as airports,malls, offices.Website: https://inmapper.com/


Fuel from Cigarette Butt: Karbonol fulfills its production costs, and can solve the stub recycle problem.Website: www.karbonol.com


Meşk Tech. is a İstanbul-based music technology company that provides uniquesoftware to revolutionize the eastern music education. Any person can learn and practice an instrument or develop vocal skills via using our Meşk App.Website: www.meskteknoloji.com


PACHA; protein and collagen chips, %100 Natural and tasty functional food.Website: www.pachacips.com


PDAccess is a cloud security software that helps companies manage their clouds secure, agile and compliant.Website: https://www.pdaccess.com


A magical and revolutionary fully automated software at an unbelievable price for Amazon sellers.Website: www.pirahas.com

Respo Gadgets

Respo Gadgets is an Istanbul based medical device company that develops an innovative, silent, portable and comfortable oral device to be used in mild to moderate level obstructive sleep apnea and snoring treatment.Website: https://www.dormio.com.tr/


Safe Tech is an IDS and an IPS system that protects SCADA/Industrial IoT systems against cyber-attacks and operational threats.Website: www.smartscadasiem.com


To make and new perspective of cyber intelligenceWebsite: https://www.secpoint.com.tr/

SFM Yazılım

SFM Software is a fast and accurate cost estimation software for the product to be manufactured by Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the machine manufacturing industry and productivity software which increases the company's productivity by up to 15% at no extra cost to the manufacturer.Website: www.sfmyazilim.com

T Fashion

T-Fashion is a platform that aims to provide customized live analytics and fashion trend insights to companies that operate in the textile industry via analyzing thousands of social media accounts by the use of sophisticated deep learning algorithmsWebsite: https://tfashion.ai

Tetis Bio

TETIS BIOTECH is a biomaterial company producing high quality marine bioactive compound products for industries such as healthcare and cosmetics.Website: https://www.tetisbiotech.com/

Üretken Akademi

Training-oriented startup acceleration program that supports high school and university students to start-up.Website: uretkenakademi.com

User Vision

Uservision is a platform helping brands to acquire agile implicit, explicit and subconscious qualitative insights from their target audience leveraging AI.Website: www.user.vision

ARAIG Global

ARAIG Global is a new international company and partner of IF-Tech Canada. ARAIG Global is a licensed company for production and global sales of the product- Gaming vest. We have the exclusivity to produce, distribute and market the Gaming vest that gives gamers an experience unheard of.Website: araig.com


Augmental is an educational technology application targeting middle to high school students where course materials are adapted to each student’s learning abilities using Artificial Intelligence and student engagement tools.Website: www.augmental.education


BeamBot offers artificial intelligence software that utilizes the already existing CCTV feed for autonomous control of any facility in order to optimize operation expenses, safety and security.Website: www.beambot.co


BlueVisor develops AI wealth management platform to lift financial burden so that people can enjoy a better life. BlueVisor mainly focuses on the B2B market with SaaS (Software as a Service) business model or platform. BlueVisor has made tractions already in a short period of company history.Website: bluevisor.kr&entrusta.ai


Displays the status of devices in a dashboard in real time and we analyze your data for the long-term monitoring and quality reports. Alarms and any occurring issues will be reported to you before the product will be used with a patient. Additional benefit for you: Data Analytics of your product for clinical studies.Website: www.cardi-link.com

DRD Biotech

DRD Biotech develops diagnostic blood tests for brain damage such as Stroke, Concussion, and Epilepsy.Website: www.drdbiotech.ru


Edubook is an Interactive Learning Community that Provides a Safe Space for Educators and Learners to connect, collaborate, and communicate among each others.Website: WWW.EDUBOOK.ME


FIXAR is an Autonomous commercial drone with unique aerodynamics.Website: WWW.FIXAR-AERO.RU


Guest wi-fi networks with marketing options & wi-fi analyticsWebsite: hot-wifi.ru

Inspector Cloud

Inspector CloudWebsite: http://www.inspector-cloud.com


InstaCare is transforming the typical healthcare infrastructure of Pakistan into a digital healthcare infrastructure in order to make it more accessible and reliable from the base of the pyramid to save lives over 2,000,000 people every year who die because of the current outdated infrastructure of the country.Website: https://instacare.pk/


Intixel is building AI-based products to empower physician decisions as a second eye. Our Team is a finely selected Artificial Intelligence experts, engineers, computer scientists, and medical imaging experts.Website: www.intixel.com


Mazboot is the first Arabic in-app coach for helping diabetic patients self-manage their disease and get a consultation from doctorsWebsite: https://www.mazbootapp.com/


MiFood is a company that provides automation and robotization services for restaurants.Website: https://mifood.es


Monicont is a next-generation utility, transforming lives and unlocking potential through access to energy.Website: https://monicont.com/

Otus Technologies

Otus Technologies develops a novel software tool for aircraft flight loads analysis and dynamic solutions.Website: https://otustech.com.pk


PakVitae provides lifetime affordable filters that can purify water to 99.9999% without any power requirement. Our technology revolutionizes the conventional water treatment processes.Website: https://www.pakvitae.org

Pharma Global

The system of technological solutions based on BigData and AI (e-commerce, e-learning, and marketplace platforms) that reduce costs for market access for pharmaceutical manufacturers.Website: https://pharma.global/

RAAV Techlabs

Data analytics and quality analysis instrumentation company, building devices to check the internal quality of agricultural produce and dairy, by non-invasive and non-destructive method, to give important information like nutritional and adulterants present in the produce.Website: www.raav.in


Torever allows travelers to plan their trips in a minute for free, and take back control of their journeys with accurate info and navigation on the go!Website: app.torever.com

UIQ Travel

Connects solo travelers with shared interests in-flight and in-destination.Website: https://uiqt.com


OmniAI-powered omnichannel helpdesk platform which supports customers and sales.Website: usedesk.com

UVL Robotics

UVL develops and produces of multi-rotary type UAVs with vertical take-off and landing on hydrogen-air fuel cells. The company was founded by leading experts in the field of aviation and robotics systems design with experience in scientific and industrial enterprises.Website: www.uvl.io


XYLEXA is an early-stage company developing Artificial Intelligence(AI) based cloud the application which helps the radiologist in early, accurate and cost-effective diagnosis of breast cancer through mammograms.Website: WWW.XYLEXA.COM

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