TalentMelon Turkey Startup Salary & Benefits Survey Report 2021

January 28, 2021

Turkey Startup Salary & Benefits Survey Report by Talentmelon and Endeavor involved 46 companies; whereas 39 of them are scaleups, remaining 7 are at the startup stage. 

“Startups have been experiencing major difficulties in finding relevant market data specific to their ecosystems vis-à-vis extracting significant insights and setting their "people" strategy. With this need in mind, we've started our work last year with a mission to shed light on the startup ecosystem's people agenda.” Sure Köse Ulutaş, Talentmelon Founder, said. 

Aslı Kurul Türkmen, Endeavor Turkey Managing Director stated: “We have partnered with Talentmelon in this survey for the two years because we have witnessed first hand that startup/scaleup founders really need the data necessary to make their compensation decisions.”

Both Ulutaş and Türkmen emphasized that the inclusion of the effects of the pandemic on the ecosystem is one of the key aspects in the report. Although we are in the middle of an economic breakdown, most of the companies are dedicated to invest in their people. The update in compensation strategies, salary increases, mental wellness of employees, gender issues and performance based bonuses are main concentrations of the report. Full report here.

The report consists of 6 topics around the current state of salary and benefits in Turkish Startup Ecosystem.

1) Participants Overview

39 scaleups and 7 startups participated in the survey. Most of them have more than $1 mn annual revenue, while 55% have less than $2 mn of it.

2) Covid-19 Special Analysis

Covid-19 part of the report takes attendance. The way companies work has changed considerably. Most of them are redesigning their office space strategy.

3) Salary Increase Plans

Under the volatile economic conditions of the country, companies intend to make recovery on the salaries of software teams.

4) Perks and Benefits

The most attention-grabbing part of the Perks and Benefits topic is private health insurance. Most of the companies in the survey offer their employees private health insurance packages, while the others aim to do that due to covid-19.

5) Gender Diversity

The gender inequality in the startup ecosystem is not in only the number of women in companies, also they earn less salaries.

Yasir Tok
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