The Best SEO Tools and SEO Practices for Startups

May 29, 2018

In the beginning, the first thing I want to say is: It is not possible to explain SEO to anyone in an article that you can read in 10 minutes. In SEO, which is already an expertise in itself, many companies / agencies earn great amounts of money with their expertise. What you will find in this article is probably the simplest means you can step into SEO on your site.First of all, the point reached as a result of the algorithm that Google constantly changes is that: Deception and guile are not as effective in SEO as before. In other words, an understanding of "Let's make keyword salad, let's be on top" no longer works. Instead, your main goal should be to keep your visitors on your pages for the longest time. One of the most important metrics that Google cares about is the keyword connected to your page and how long the person who came up with this keyword search remained on your page. The simplest method you can use to do this is quality content and video (of course this also has to be of high quality).

Producing Quality Content

If you no longer produce quality content, it is not possible to top the rankings. Therefore, our first suggestion is to open a blog (if you don't already have one) immediately and produce a lot of informative, valuable content about your field. If possible, you should write as the person who knows your business best. Of course, a freelancer you will find can also produce good content for you, but it is not possible for someone who does not know your job as much as you do to add value as you can. For this, the tactic you will follow while preparing the content may be as follows: Write what you want to explain as a draft, and let the expert author prepare the article to be published for you.In the rest of this article, you will not find much about this first clue. Instead, we have gathered the services / applications that will guide you in the best way, especially for the technical SEO of your site. Here are those tools and what you can do with those tools for short.

Google Tools

Google PageSpeed Insights

We are already doing SEO for brother Google. That's why it is the only one who should love us. As such, you can be sure that Google will give you the best data. Google's PageSpeed Insights service measures how fast your site opens, giving a score out of 100. The closer your score is to 100, the higher your chances of getting higher in search results. The good news is that while Google tells you all the speed problems on your site, it also allows you to download some of the solutions it offers. For example, optimized images, such as minimized CSS, JS and HTML files.Another service that can help you speed up your site by giving you detailed information about page speed is GTMetrix.

Google Analytics

Of course, you can use more advanced services like Woopra to understand the behavior of your site visitors, but in general Analytics will be the most useful tool. You can successfully see the data such as the landing pages of visitors to your site, which pages they spend most time with, which searches they come from. There is actually no need to tell, it's a tool you should definitely use.

Google Search Console

You can determine how Google sees your site and how you want it to be seen through Search Console. Through this service, you can also watch how the pages on your site are indexed, how Google bots (crawler) navigate your site and how they encounter errors. If you enter very important content, you can also index them instantly via Search Console.

Google Keyword Planner

In fact, Google Keyword Planner is a tool that Adwords users do not miss while advertising. In this service, you can see data such as the difficulty level of the words you will advertise, the cost per click required to get to the top. For people dealing with SEO, it is a great service from Google since they can choose the words they need to use when they are producing new content or creating new pages.

Tracking the SEO Status

MOZ Open Site Explorer

Do you remember the PageRank system that Google previously released to the public? Instead of this metric that we can no longer find, we follow Moz's PA (Page Authority) and DA (DomainAuthority) values. DA value shows the overall SEO value of your site, while the PA value shows the value of your specific pages. The higher these values are, the better. In order to increase these values, besides the technical improvements on your page, you need to get links to your site from outside. With Moz Open Site Explorer, you can see the external links to your site and how valuable these links are.Another service where you can find similar values to Moz is SEO Quake. Both services have browser add-ons.

Site Health


DeepCrawl is one of my favorite tools. You just enter the URL of your site and DeepCrawl successfully analyzes your entire website from head to toe. It is a tool that provides you with many details such as missing meta descriptions, duplicate data, errors on your site free in the first stage. I definitely recommend using it.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Another crawler recommended by SEO experts. Screaming Frog SEO Spider is not an online service but a software that you can download to the desktop. You can crawl a certain number of URLs for free, but the program is actually paid. Be sure that the number of crawl you will use in the first stage will not be enough.

Competitor and Keyword Analysis


Ahrefs is basically a tool that shows the keyword struggle between you and your competitors. Especially if Adwords and SEO are your main sources of income, you should definitely use Ahrefs. You can find an analysis on which keywords you rank in, which keywords are popular in your industry, and which words your opponents are profiteering on Ahrefs.SEMrush is a tool that performs similar operations. For more detailed information and its differences, you can check the service on its website.


The best guide for the "content" I mentioned earlier is BuzzSumo. In general, BuzzSumo analyzes all social channels for you and provides a report of the most popular topics in your related keywords. So if you have a site about "table tennis" as an example, with BuzzSumo, you can see what the most key people are writing in these words or what content is shared on social media, and prepare your content accordingly.

Wordpress SEO Plugin


Yoast will be your most important SEO plugin for Wordpress (unless we count the technical SEO part). This plugin that knows best how Google loves pages and content, analyzes your page and says what you need to do right from Wordpress. For example, the focus of the content you write (again) is "table tennis". When you write "table tennis" in the keyword field, you can get advice in many areas such as the density of this word on your page, where you should use it, and the legibility of your article. You can also easily set the meta settings of your pages and posts via Wordpress.

Helpful Tools to Get More Backlinks


HARO or Help A Reporter Out is one of the best ways to reach the US and world press. In this system, journalists indicate their need for help on certain issues, and you, as an expert in the subject help this person within your expertise. In this way, the journalist talks about you in their article and if you are lucky, you will have a very sweet backlink. After signing up to the system, your e-mail receives daily need for help regularly. Of course, it is necessary to work a little for this. In my personal experience, I tried to reach 100 people and had the opportunity to collaborate with only 4-5 of them. However, the backlinks I received were worth all the effort.


Unlike HARO, Pitchbox allows you to directly reach bloggers, influencers and, of course, journalists. After entering your own domain, it lists the relevant people in your domain for you.

People to Follow (In Marketing & SEO)

Find and follow these people named below on social media or websites, and apply what they talk about to your own website (of course, after weighing its benefit for you) :Brian DeanNeil PatelBarry SchwartzRand FishkinJeff Bullas

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