The Concept Of Purpose 7.0 In The Age Of Purpose - Part 1

October 11, 2021

What is Purpose 7.0?

The concept of Purpose 7.0 we developed in Turkey against Industry 4.0, Society 5.0, Futurism 6.0, questions the systematic priority of purpose for companies, enterprises, and individual cultures on a global scale. By asking questions such as “Is my work purposeful?”, “How much value does my initiative add to humanity?”, “Does my work have value for others?”; We highlight concepts that are meaningful by using the concept of Purpose 7.0 in terms of increasing the productivity of employees, employers, and entrepreneurs.

The Birth of Purpose 7.0

Although we are taught what we should do in our lives and how we should do it, it is not emphasized why we should do it.

Project Management, Strategy Management, Marketing, Sales Competence, Communication training all explain what we should do and how we should do it. We need to understand and make sense of “why” we do what we do so that all these aspects, all very valuable, will find more response in life. Einstein states; “Try not to be successful, but to be valuable!” As he emphasizes in his words, it is much more meaningful to focus on creating value and being valuable instead of focusing on success. Research shows that as we improve our soft skills, we increase our chances of success.

Germans announced the concept of Industry 4.0 in 2011. Children born from the marriage of traditional production processes and technology formed the Industry 4.0 family. It was assumed that this family would preserve some traditions, but the “technology” part behaved like a spoiled child every time. This “spoiled child”, who grew up inspired by gen Z gathered IoT, blockchain, big data, 5G, artificial intelligence, and technology in its basket. The name of the magic basket in which these concepts came together was the internet.

Then, in 2016, the Japanese took the stage. They announced the idea of ​​a super-smart society with ​​Society 5.0. The Japanese assumed that the “spoiled child” would settle down in a super-intelligent environment. In this society model, the effects of digitalization and artificial intelligence on social life drew attention. A society model aimed at growth and development, in which the relationship of artificial intelligence with machine and robot was presented.

All of a sudden, the Futurism 6.0 Model came out. The chronological order did not bind the futurists. According to them, "rapid developments in technology were being replaced by new ones before they could even become a trend". While centuries worth of change happening in a few years brought the philosophy of futurists to the fore, they argued that "the world should hurry".

That’s why we say Purpose 7.0. At the beginning of the Renaissance movement, artists described the Middle Ages as the 'lost period'. They did not accept it and instead, turned to antiquity to develop their creativity and inspiration. The Purpose 7.0 manifesto symbolizes the transition to the era of meaning.

The world, under the influence of knowledge workers, has been doing well with the trio of industry, academia, and cities in the past few years. In the information age, knowledge workers, who took the name of white-collar workers, were living happily in the triangle of urban life, academy, or a knowledge worker with the city they chose as their living space, with the power they received from the academy. Something happened that overshadowed this happiness. The pandemic entered our lives and the terrible days we live in have created a kind of enlightenment, along with fearful waiting, inaction, and new preoccupations. All of these gave birth to an era in which people can display meaningful touches on the axis of creativity.

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