The Creepiest Things AI Has Done So Far

October 13, 2021

Artificial intelligence has come into our lives and entered our daily conversations for some time now. Some people might consider artificial intelligence as a superintelligence (or a robot) that is capable to do everything a human can do and capture all humans dominating the world order in the future. Although there is little likelihood that artificial intelligence can achieve this state shortly, we are far away from this concept and reality today. Artificial intelligence is rather used for finding patterns in large datasets, predicting the future more properly, improving the quality of software, understanding human behavior, and more. Sometimes, we can coincide with creepy things done by artificial intelligence. They can sound weird and even unbelievable at a first glance. Let’s look at some of the creepiest things artificial intelligence has done so far.

Tay Tweets

Microsoft has released, its AI chatbot, on Twitter in 2016. The technology was an English-language version of a previous Microsoft project in China called Xiaoice, which had managed to complete 40 million dialogues at the time. Tay was developed to imitate the internet chat patterns of a 19-year-old girl. What happened next made it seriously creepy. Twitter users began teaching the bot racially offensive and inflammatory terminology just hours after it was made available to the public. Tay began repeating the expressions to learn them in context. Microsoft shut down Tay 16 hours (and 96,000 Tweets) later.

Harry Potter AI-Generated Fanfiction

Fans of Harry Potter who have previously finished The Cursed Child and A Journey Through the History of Magic from the last two years can look forward to a new chapter in the wizarding boy's journey, brought to us by AI-generated text prediction rather than J.K. Rowling. After training an algorithmic tool on all seven of the children's fantasy novels, Botnik Studios generated the three-page chapter titled "Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash." The end product is a story with a plot that is soulless and meandering but maintains a slight imprint of Rowling's normal lilting whimsical appeal, just like any decent fanfiction.

GeorgiaTech’s AI Teaching Assistant

Jill was created to handle a high volume of forum messages from students participating in an online course that is required for Georgia Tech's online master of science in computer science degree. 

Professor Goel and a group of Georgia Tech graduate students began construction on Jill Watson. She began responding to student queries in January, and Goel outlines some of the early issues Jill had and what the team did to improve her responses in his session.

The students in the class had no idea Jill was not a genuine person. However, several students thought that because it was an AI course, an AI might have been used in the forums.

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