The Digitalization of Legal Sector Through Startups

January 8, 2021

Digital era is continuing to transform the sectors with no slowing down. And the legal sector is in transformation as well. The term “legaltech” can be defined as the application of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain technology into the legal processes. It touches both legal firms and legal departments of corporate companies. Use cases of legaltech cover legal analysis, online dispute resolution, small claims, contract review, contract automation, spam fighters, machine learning solutions and many more. In a world where technology has been disrupting every aspect of our lives, the conventional law world is undergoing a transformation. 

Thus, being a lawyer in the future will not only require deep knowledge and wisdom of the law. The future lawyer will also need a good understanding of technology and how to combine all this to provide a good service to clients. Of course, no one expects lawyers to become software developers nor have to write code themselves but they do have to learn how the new business models and their underlying technology work.

For the last two years since 2019 Hackquarters in partnership with Esin Attorney Partnership and Baker McKenzie is implementing a legal digitalisation agenda in the framework of LegalTech Startup Challenge. In two previous batches a lot of exemplary digital practices that can be applied to business praxes in legal firms and legal departments in corporations pitched their innovative solutions and shared the track record & use cases of their businesses. HUGO.Legal (1st winner of 2020 Batch) is “the first sharing economy based legal platform using AI to match people with the best lawyer for their case”; also launched a Law Bot aiming to solve the most common legal issues. 

Want to learn more about legaltech startups and sectors affecting law, please check out our Legaltech Startups Map. If you couldn’t find yourself though consider your product applicable for this sector please reach us at

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