The "Wannapreneur" Club

July 19, 2021

Let us guess; you’ve always wanted to jump off the corporate wagon and start your own business. Or better yet, you have a million-dollar idea wandering around the alleys of your mind, waiting to bloom. We hereby welcome you to join The Wannapreneur Club. If this limbo-esque club isn’t the one you wanted to be a part of, there are a few things you can… well yes, do.

Startup Memes 4am Shower by Guy Kopsombut
4am Shower by Guy Kopsombut

Ask for Feedback 

First, you should determine what symptoms you’re going through. Is your struggle just about bringing your idea to life or quitting your regular job? If not, procrastination could be the underlying problem behind your wannapreneurship. Ask your surroundings, your friends, family, coworkers for feedback. Look for patterns in where they place you and discrepancies in where you see yourself. Be aware of your feelings and just accept them the way they come. If you’re panicking, anxious, or even scared, acknowledge it. Tell yourself that you’re panicking right now and that this is completely normal. Take a deep breath and realize the fact that this feeling shouldn’t have the strength to stop you from where you can go. 

Dwell on the Idea 

If you have a great idea, great! The first hard reality to be faced with is that ideas are worth literally nothing. Start off by finding out if and how you can turn your idea into a business plan. The second reality is that your idea won’t be perfect. If that’s where you set the bar, then make yourself comfortable inside the Wannapreneur Club. This doesn’t mean that your idea will never be perfect, it just means that it can be perfected over time. Identify the flaws or hardships that may come from your business plan or market and prepare yourself for the risks. Also, keep in contact with people that have been through the same route, there’s most probably a valuable lesson there. 

Set Reachable Goals 

Are you a list-making person? This is a good habit, but if your goals are not coming to life, they are only scrapped paper. The list of goals you set for yourself might be too vague. Try to make your goals tangible and attainable. Keep your lists short and work with hard data. This can end up driving more and quicker results. In the process, find out what you can sell, how you can sell it, and who you can sell to. 

So all in all, the cliches still stand. All entrepreneurs were once wannapreneurs, you have to “just do it” and every time is actually the right time. But at the end of the day, getting to know changing your habits to create some sort of value is not that far from reach.  

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