The Working from Home Guide

April 9, 2020

Increasing technologic adoption gradually allowed remote working for some segments especially freelancers and tech employees. Then COVID-19 came and forced a much wider group to work from home. Essentially almost all white-collar employees all around the world embraced remote working, or to be more accurate, working from home.

Tips for Working from Home

In this first guide I’d like to give some tips on achieving more while working from home:

Be an Early Riser

Leaving the bed at least 30 minutes before work will give you time to wake up properly, get ready, have breakfast and truly focus on work when it is time. The way it begins, the way it ends.

Dress up

Getting dressed up is a sure way to up your mood and put a mental barrier with home and work. Mondays and Saturdays should have a difference while working from home, right?

Get in the Zone

Literally, get in the zone. All you need is a desk and a comfy chair to support your back for extended sitting periods. The coach can seem tempting but it is not good for your back nor your Mouse.


If you aim to finish your to-dos by the end of the workday, focus is your ally. Preparing your to-do list from the day before will help you set your priorities and will help you “Eat the frog” first thing in the morning. You can also benefit from GTD method if you are looking for a new productivity system.


Home can be your place to be in the zone and doing focused work unless you are consumed by TV or social media. Stay away from these to create focused periods and gift yourself long breaks to consume TV or anything you like.

Put on Headphones

Video calls are an indispensable part of working from home but you should embrace the truth: Your computer’s mic is not as great you think it is! Therefore do a favor to your coworkers and use headphones while in calls and mute your mic while silent.

Log off

The way to minimize stress and keep your sanity lies in separating your work life from the rest. Truth to be told, it is not an easy task to do while working from home. Therefore, it is critical to silence work-related notifications and prioritize your social life once the work is over. Your company needs you tomorrow and the other day…

Take Care

Use the time saved from transportation and work-related errands to invest in yourself. Read long-form articles or books, create yourself a morning routine, exercise or focus on your bucket list.


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As a veteran WFH, I'd like to share my tips for working from home on these days of massive WFH adoption. Hope it helps. #stayhomestaysafe #workfromhome #workingfromhome #wfhtips #workfromanywhere #productivity #efficiency #focus @duolingo

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What Working from Home is Not:

With the crisis putting pressure on each of us, we may have ended up in wrong beliefs about working from home. So I would like to remind what working from home really means by explaining what it is not:

  • It is not being online from nine to five.
  • Jumping between video calls is also what it is not.
  • It surely is not replying to emails.

What Working from Home is :

  • It is taking all required actions to achieve company’s and your duty’s objectives.
  • So it is similar to the times you go to work but more efficient because you save time going to work.
  • Understanding and internalizing company’s objectives are the keys to the success of remote work.
  • The way to achieve this is to go on a discovery journey to understand company’s objectives, define accurate targets for each department and employee and then set up a system to track all these targets.


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