Three Trends to Shape the Future of Advertising

May 20, 2019

In the emerge of the experience economy, the speed of change, technological developments and the speed added by technology to human life have been influenced.

In addition to these elements, individuals start to develop rapid consumption patterns, privatization and becoming free, for the individual who wants to reflect his / her difference with consumption objects, uses emotions, and importance of symbols in post modern effects. If we put a digitalization factor next to all these variables, it is impossible not to be affected by the change as both producing and consuming people.

While consumer behavior is rapidly moving towards new forms of communication, the advertising industry is eager to adapt to this. In 2017, digital advertising was expected to overcome TV advertising for the first time, rising to $ 202 billion. This is a clear sign of the irreversible transformation of the advertising industry.

However, as technological innovation constantly redefines the advertising environment, many advertisers are struggling to keep up. Modern advertisers are faced with a daunting task to sustain this huge wave of technological change in the advertising industry without drowning.

What are the trends that will atrract us in the near future?

Trend - 1 / Personalization with Artificial Intelligence

In the future, advertising and marketing will be governed by intelligent marketing automations. We will no longer use the startegy of what you are looking for and what you care about.

Amazon Echo

Likewise, as a Netflix subscriber, you will be participating in a series of behavioral experiments that will produce the data that will serve the algorithm at the same time while monitoring the content presented. Serving more than 100 million Netflix members, this algorithm works in real time for the visuals of the content it recommends and continues to collect data to improve its performance. At the end of the work, Netflix algorithm thinks it has found a visual that it can convince you to watch. The reflection of this also results in the publication of the same film with more than one poster.

Trend - 2 / Integrated Advertising and Marketing Management

The complexity of consumer behavior has made it difficult for advertisers to find suitable ads for modern consumers. Advertisers turned to developing integrated strategies that would provide customers with ad sequences at any time. For this reason, advertisers must perform real time mass optimization to enable them to identify and target their audiences every second, and to deliver ads in time to facilitate the desired behavior.

In the relatively near future, it may be possible for consumers to search for products or similar products on the web or mobile devices. This can be as simple as using a web application to take a photo of a pair of shoes you want to buy, or to choose a specific picture you find in a Google search.

CamFind 5.0

Trend - 2 / Experience in Attention Economy

All businesses are pushing their boundaries to satisfy their customers. They are trying to position their customers as guests. They develop not only products but experience oriented strategies.

However, when you follow closely, you will see many businesses starting to turn into this model. They become emotional businesses and offer services and benefits that are not related to their core business.

Lloyds bank showcase their digital branch concept

Serdar Keskin
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