Top 5 Startups from Crunchbase Emerging Unicorn Board

July 22, 2022

A high-growth startup that has reached a valuation of $500 million or more but less than $1 billion in private corporate investment is considered to be an emerging unicorn (soonicorn in other words). Affinity, HackerRank, Brightline, and Typeform are a few examples of current unicorns in development that may develop into the following tech unicorns. These conceivable unicorns of the future have a scalable product or service, have discovered product-market fit, and have raised millions of dollars in venture capital. 

When a startup is valued at more than $500 million but less than $1 billion, it is considered to be an emerging unicorn. A startup reaches this status by first proving that it can offer value in the form of a good or service that draws large numbers of paying clients or users. This traction draws investors who wish to participate in the firm on the grounds that they think the market for its offering is strong enough to generate a sizeable return in the case of an exit event, like an IPO. The startup's valuation rises as it gets closer to becoming one of the next unicorn businesses as it raises money and increases crucial success indicators like yearly recurring revenue. 

In 2021, the total valuation of soonicorns reached the top with $17.3 bn. This year, emerging unicorns are currently valued at $7 bn in total.

 Here are the top 5 startups from the Crunchbase Emerging Unicorn Board (according to their valuations):

Nxtra Data

Country: India

Post Money Value: $986 mn
Total Equity Funding: $237 mn

Nxtra Data designs, builds, and operates the largest network of hyperscale, core, and edge data centers in India to deliver utmost reliability, reach, flexible power configurations, and a carrier-dense ecosystem for a superior customer experience.

Country: United States

Post Money Value: $981 mn
Total Equity Funding: $120 mn

Delphix provides an intelligent data platform that accelerates digital transformation for companies around the world.


Country: Canada

Post Money Value: $965 mn
Total Equity Funding: $171 mn

Founded in 2014, League is a platform technology company powering next-generation healthcare consumer experiences. Payers, providers, consumer health partners, and employers build on League’s Health OS™ platform to deliver high-engagement, personalized healthcare experiences consumers love.


Country: Singapore

Post Money Value: $951 mn
Total Equity Funding: $308 mn

Zilingo was founded in 2015 by Ankiti Bose and Dhruv Kapoor with a vision to use technology to put fair and efficient business within everyone’s reach. Up until now, the fashion industry has favored a select few - if you had social, human, and financial capital, you could get anything done

Lanza Tech

Country: United States

Post Money Value: $950 mn
Total Equity Funding: $291 mn

LanzaTech is turning our global carbon crisis into a feedstock opportunity with the potential to displace 30% of crude oil use today and reduce global CO2 emissions by 10%.

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