Top Marketing Strategies for Low Budget - Part I

December 9, 2020

In earlier stages, entrepreneurs might not have enough money to run the optimal marketing strategies. You likely heard from an entrepreneur that “If I could allocate our sources to advertising at large rates, we grew much more easily.” Lacking necessary resources can seem to hinder you from growing your business to highly desirable scales but in fact, it doesn’t have to be so. You can still arrange your marketing operations with lower budgets. This is where creativity talks much more than money. Here are 6 Low Budget Marketing Tactics to achieve the greatest stages.

Have a compelling elevator pitch

As an early stage entrepreneur, what you should do is showing yourself in networking events as much as possible to increase your visibility. Additionally, you can start with telling about your business to your circle of friends. For both of these, you need a highly influential story so that you have a groundbreaking impression on their minds. Red flags that you care most about are realizing what drives the target audience, preparing a story that reflects your knowledge & skills and how you are prominent to tackle your community’s problem.

Believe in the power of “Cold Reach”

As Hackquarters, we always benefit from cold emails to reach out more startups for our programs. Cold mails help you to reach out the ones that you cannot show yourself in any other way. There is some art behind cold reach that you must be careful about when you try to appeal to your target audience. You should be acquainted with inbound, email marketing and content marketing to design your mailing texts according to the tendencies and preferences of the counterparties.

Keep a blog on your website

Publishing blog posts on your company’s website is the obviously easiest way to market your business. Having content attractive for readers helps you to get in touch with your consumers or clients. You can see most successful startups share use cases of their products on their blog. This is one of the most crucial points for your products, services and business to be understood by commons. If you don’t have any idea about what to write on a blog, begin with the top 10 lists which are the easiest contents for people to consume.

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