Turk Telekom PILOT Winners are Announced

June 28, 2018

Now you all know that as Hackquarters, we love all entreprises and entrepreneurs. Of course, we love some more. If you ask "So, which enterprises are they?", we would say that those are the enterprises that we contribute the most to their development. To be more specific, it would be our friends who are under the wings of Hackquarters, also included on our website. It would also be the enterprises in Isbank's Workup or Bayer's Grants4Apps, two of the acceleration programs we carry out.There were many beloved initiatives that made us proud in the PILOT program of Turk Telekom, where the finalists presented their work to the jury in Kolektif House. To name a few, initiatives such as Loki, PartyMag, Octovan, Vivoo and Glamy performed well in front of the jury members including Kaan Akın, the founder of Hackquarters.The winners of the Turk Telekom Pilot program were also officially announced at the end (To be honest, we actually kept this blog ready for this statement). 11 initiatives including our beloved PartyMag were presented on the Turk Telekom Pilot website.

Here are the winning enterprises:

PartyMag, an initiative under the wings of Hackquarters, the event guide of nightlife

PartyMag is a mobile application that personally lists events in hundreds of venues. With PartyMag, users can list events based on their music styles and interests. Also, users with the premium membership can enter popular events for free.

Glamy, a P2P clothing rental marketplace and one of the graduates of Workup program organized by Isbank

Glamy is a marketplace application where women users can rent their clothes between each other. With Glamy, female users can earn more income from renting and selling their products such as dresses, shoes and bags. They can also save money by not buying new pieces of clothing.

Octovan, the marketplace of those who need transportation and another graduate of the Workup program that we have organized in partnership with Isbank

Octovan is the marketplace that brings together reliable shippers and users with transportation needs. Customers who want to carry all kinds of goods with Octovan can track their belongings during transportation after planning their date and payments at fixed prices.

Akaunting, The WordPress of Accounting

Akaunting is an open source, free online pre-accounting program developed for SMEs to track their businesses and cash flow. It enables companies to manage all their accounting transactions from a single system, from invoicing to expense tracking and payments.

Botart, with its chatbots based on artificial intelligence

Botart is an AI supported chatbot technology developed specifically for the sectors. It is integrated with the messaging channels that companies currently use. Botart understands the questions and messages written by the customers in different languages, matches them with the correct products and services of the companies, and gives the relevant answers autonomously. In this way, communication costs are reduced while customer satisfaction is increased.

Gigbi, the service market of the event world

Gigbi is a marketplace where owners of weddings, birthdays, parties and similar events can hire professionals such as photographers, musicians or clowns. Professionals can introduce themselves and their services with a profile for free with Gigbi. Event owners can purchase these services on the platform as well.

Netbox, software based network service platform

Netbox is a network as a service solution that enables SMEs to deliver their needs in computer networks as a cloud-based service. It is an extensible platform that provides management and security systems in computer networks as a service via the cloud.

Playz, a meeting platform for gamers

Playz is an interactive meeting platform that brings players and gamers together. With Playz, gamers can get together, socialize and share their own content. They can also find a playmate to play together, and watch videos of and interact with the popular gaming accounts.

Pollective, the new generation research platform

Pollective is a digital research platform that directly brings consumers and brands together. It offers brands the opportunity to reach the consumers they target "exactly" and gain insight. For the customers, it offers a chance to to learn what they are curious about as well as share their insights with brands and earn money in return.

Reminis, a service that brings memories to you

Reminis is the application that shows the photographed person among photographs to the user through facial recognition technology. With Reminis, event owners and people attending the events share photos so that the related photos can be viewed by the owners.

Ulak, the platform that brings people together with reliable couriers

Ulak is a platform that brings together individual and corporate users who want to receive fast delivery services with couriers. With Ulak, the shipment owners can call the nearest courier, see the instant location information of the courier, and pay from their credit card by receiving the delivery details.

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