Turkey's First Air Travel Hackathon THY Travel Hackathon Took Place

December 28, 2017

Travel Hackathon organized by Turkish Airlines and supported by Hackquarters took place as a first in its field in Turkey. It brought together the owners of brand new ideas in air transport with Turkish Airlines. During the event held between December 22 and 24, dozens of creative ideas were unveiled.At the event organized at the Flight Training Center of Turkish Airlines in Florya, participants presented their projects. The projects provided solutions for the challenges at different stages of air travel. They aimed at providing a better, happier, more efficient, stress-free and digital travel experience.

Participants competed in the pre-flight, airport, in-flight and post-flight categories. They mainly used new and emerging technologies such as big data, virtual and augmented reality, blockchain and biometrics. They also had the opportunity to develop their projects by benefiting from the services provided by API provider partners. Some of these provider partners were: SITA, Saber, Turkcell, Pointr, Locuslabs, iyzico, IETT, İsbak, Here Maps, Yandex, UBER, ininal and Turkgen.

Award Winning Projects

Albatros became the first in Turkish Airlines Travel Hackathon with its project that improves the flight experience by facilitating the passenger's duties. Albatros' assistant service on the messaging platform is able to transmit all information helping a passenger before the journey.Augmented Cube animates the pages of the Skylife magazine with Augmented Reality. It offers the opportunity to experience the content creatively and interactively. These experiences help enrich content in areas such as shopping, socializing, travel, Turkish Airlines services and 3D games.Mahşerin Dört Atlısı identifies the baggage with object recognition technology. It takes precautions against loss or damage with the cameras placed on the main conveyor belt due to its Baggage Tracking Chain.Taxim enables the use of miles as a new currency. With its platform, it brings together the miles of more than 8 million people with thousands of products and service providers. With this way, Taxim puts the users who fly through different airlines and earn their miles at different rates together in one platform.[caption id="attachment_1585" align="alignnone" width="1000"]

Hackquarters founder Kaan Akın training the participants on MVP Development and Presentation Techniques.[/caption]FlyCheck develops a web-based control system that collects requests and complaints from customers on all aircraft types. The platform also analyzes all of the information in a common data center.Data Bender simplifies baggage check-in and check-in processes. The platform aims to reduce the rate of passengers missing flights caused by the density at the airport.Adventure is an innovative solution that aims to help passengers safely track their luggage and restore time lost in the baggage delivery stage.After two pleasant and productive days, awards worth more than 100 thousand ₺ by Turkish Airlines, Turkcell, IGA, Yandex, Sabre and Hackquarters were distributed to the participants who hoped to make a difference for Turkish Airlines with their projects.

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