Visa Innovation Program: 2nd Batch Online Kick Off

May 7, 2020

It’s already 2 years as Hackquarters is working closely with Visa and supporting fintechs to scale their businesses globally via Visa's international financial and banking partnership network. Run by Hackquarters, Visa Innovation Program is a 6-month startup accelerator aiming to support fintech startups in proof of concepts, investor meetings, potential investments, and product development. For 2 batches Visa Innovation Program received more than 200 startup applications. The program contacted and set pipeline for 35 startups, and accelerated 9 startups. 5 fintechs were accelerated at the 1st Batch in 2019 and 4 startups were selected for the 2nd Batch in 2020. Some key numbers are available at the infographics.

Fireside chat with Glocalzone Founder. Dogan Turan was designed to present a success story of the partnership between Visa and fintechs during the 1st Batch in 2019. Here is a comment from Dogan Turan, GlocalZone, CEO about the program.

In the light of the Covid-19 event was at Zoom, started with the speech of Kaan Akın, Hackquarters Founder CEO. Briefing about what has been achieved so far, Kaan Akın introduced Merve Tezel, General Manager Visa Turkey, and Europe. Merve Tezel evaluated the program from Visa perspective and its contribution to the fintech ecosystem.[/lead][lead]Online Kick-Off on May 6, 2020, is aiming to showcase the progress of the Batch 1 fintechs who have already gone through 6-month acceleration, training and mentorship with the support of Visa and Hackquarters.


Global Miles is a Blockchain platform enabling the miles distributed across the world for frequent flyers and airlines which can be used and managed by a mobile application.


Glocalzone is a platform gathering the customers who are having access problems about the desired products with the travelers who can provide those.


Kobaküs All-In-One Account Managing, Intuitive features, powerful results with Kobakus. You can view, report and track all your bank accounts together, on one platform and at the same time.


[lead]Manim integrates the ERP application with the user's Bank in 7X24, securely and in real-time.[/lead][/column][/row][lead xclass="py-3"]The event followed by the speech of Selim Yazıcı, presenting Fintech Istanbul and fintech ecosystem in Turkey. At the same time the startups selected for Batch 2 of Visa Innovation Program were announced and presented their solutions during the second part of the event.


Adisyo is a simple and easy-to-use cloud-based POS system that you can manage your cafe, restaurant operations on any device.


Arf offers any business dealing with international payments, mass payouts or cross border remittances.


Cameralyze brings artificial intelligence solutions to the physical locations, products and visitors. Improving business efficiency by understanding the visitors, product activities and receiving automated recommendations. All of them are real time.

Price & Me

Price & Me is a personal shopping assistant that analysis your past purchases. It finds the best products that you are looking for.

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