Visa Innovation Program Cohort #3 Demo Day

January 18, 2022

The 3rd Cohort is already graduated from Visa Innovation Program to create more value in the Fintech ecosystem. This Demoday started with General Manager of Visa Turkey, Merve Tezel's opening speech. She emphasized the power of collaboration in Fintech. After she remarked on the future of Fintech, I've done a short recap of the program so far. The legacy of this program is getting larger at every Cohort we deliver.

Snapshot of Visa Innovation Program Turkey Since The Inception

Vısa Innovation Program has received 301 startups over the last three years, 15 selected and graduated from the program. These startups set up POCs with Visa and other stakeholders, which you can see live currently. Our startups raised $6M to date, but we expect to see exponential growth.

This program brings a larger audience for innovation, including trainers and mentors. Many companies are involved in setting up new partnerships or enabling these startups' growth. This list of ecosystem partners and supporters keeps growing as well.

Ecosystem Supporters of Visa Innovation Program

All alumni showcased their companies and products, which you can also see in Turkish or English in the links.
If you want to know the alumni a little better, you can find their descriptions and website links below.

See the alumni of Visa Innovation Program

Finedine: FineDine is an AI-driven digital ordering and restaurant management platform that helps restaurant operators increase sales and customer engagement by using deep learning & data-driven insights.

Fintegre: Fintegre is an affordability solutions platform. We provide those services in 5 verticals; consumer Finance, insurance, buyback & trade-in, rental & subscription programs, closed-loop marketplace.

HASO: HASO is a “Buy-now-pay-later, customer and risk management platform with a merchant and consumer front end.

Norma: Digital banking and financial management platform for Freelancers, Sole-traders and Micro-SMEs

Paratic: Paratic provides cash management software solutions. It allows all banks to be managed from a single platform.

Soliclub: Soliclub is a single application for access control and payment systems.

Finally, a great panel with four major banks of Turkey on the topic of Corporate Startup Engagement. Panel included many examples of their experiences and how excited for future collaborations with startups.

We are so excited for our 4th cohort. If you are interested to be a part of this program or apply as a startup, you can start with this right away. Click here

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