Visa Innovation Program is Empowering FinTechs without Slowing Down

April 23, 2022

It’s been 3 years since Visa has initiated the Visa Innovation Program Turkey in partnership with Hackquarters. So far, the team has successfully delivered 3 seasons with the enourmous support of  ecosystem stakeholders and Visa. During last 4 years the Visa Innovation Program has received 403 startup applications; with 51 of them in the pipeline, and 20 selected. Startups have implemented 23 successful Proof of Concepts. 

The program alumni have raised more than $6M (this is the disclosed amount; the real numbers are higher and it will probably reach $20M next year). Lastly, Finekra ( 2021 alumni) announced new investment round and started PoC with Mindvest.

2022 Visa Innovation Program opened the applications in February. More than 100 startups applied and 5 of them were selected for the Program. Visa Innovation Program is a 6-month startup accelerator supporting fintech startups to scale their businesses globally via Visa's international financial and banking partnership network. The program appeals to the startups targeting to unlock new payment flows, advance next-gen payment experiences, empower SMEs, and build a smarter and sustainable future.  

Throughout the program, startups will receive training ranging from effective B2B Sales to Data Monetization, mentorship, and get partnership opportunities with the ecosystem supporters. 

On 20 April 2022, Visa Innovation Program 2022 gave a start to the Season 4. The Kick Off began with the introduction speech by Hackquarters Founder Kaan Akın where he shared the program details and outcomes of the Program.

Following Kaan’s speech, Visa Turkey General Manager Merve Tezel shared Visa’s vision and the main value propositions of the program. She highlighted that the major aim is to boost the cards and payments market, reaching out to the unbanked population more easily, and bring fintechs, financial institutions and banks together.

Meet the startups selected for 2022 Visa Innovation Program:

Alternatif Super App: With the Alternatif SuperApp, you can use digital wallets of dozens of brands in a single application, take advantage of the campaigns and pay securely with a QR code!

EnnoWallet: Enno Wallet is a non-custodial Crypto Wallet & Gateway to Decentralized Finance. Enno Wallet gathers all DeFi platforms on the blockchain together and serves with great UI and UX.

MonoPayments: MonoPayments is an all-in-one white label digital fintech platform suited for electronic money and payment institutions, holdings, startups, and neobanks.

Qumpara: Qumpara offers consumer brands an innovative new solution to promote their products and get an insight about their shoppers.

Yancep: Yancep is a savings and investment application that allows users to invest in portfolios modeled on their goals and risk preferences. Anyone can be an investor with Yancep.

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