Visa Innovation Program - Opens Calls for 2021 Program in Turkey

March 31, 2021

Since 2019 Hackquarters in partnership with Visa is supporting fintechs to scale their businesses globally. Visa Innovation Program, which is powered by Hackquarters in Turkey,  is a pilot centered collaboration platform that arches over South-Eastern Europe. Program creates an opportunity for fintechs to come up with effective solutions in payment, smart city and SME-supporting areas, enhancing their products and contributing in visionary ways to Visa’s network.

Hackquarters provides mentorship and a wide range of market access across the startup ecosystem and related verticals. The Visa Innovation Program also offers startups an introduction to the global partnership network of Visa and Hackquarters, which helps fintechs to grow and scale their businesses globally. This year the Program provides opportunities to work closely with the Bulgarian and Greek partners. Access to global VCs, investors, partners and mentors are among major benefits the Visa Innovation Program can propose to the fintech startups. 

In 2019 and 2020, 210 startups applied to the Visa Innovation Program in Turkey. 35 startups were reviewed in the pipeline and 9 of them were selected for the program. 

Startups selected for Batch 1:

Global Miles is a blockchain platform enabling the miles distributed across the world to be used and managed by a mobile application for frequent flyers and airlines.

Glocalzone is the easiest way to reach overseas products and earn money while you are traveling.

  • Kobaküs (Account Management API)

Kobakus is all in one account platform that enables developers to reach all required API's with Crossroads

Manim is a multibank integrator, providing instant financial follow-up, instant bank account movements, virtual POS transactions, instant reporting and full integration to ERP systems.

Masraff is an Artificial Intelligence based expense management platform that helps companies to automate their expense management process by eliminating manual data entry.

Startups selected for Batch 2:

Adisyo is a simple and easy-to-use cloud-based POS system that you can manage your cafe and restaurant operations on any device.

Arf offers any business dealing with international payments, mass payouts or cross-border remittances.

Cameralyze brings artificial intelligence solutions to the physical locations,

products and visitors. Improving businesses efficiency by understanding the visitors, product activities and receiving automated recommendations.

Price & Me/Pandme  is a personal shopping assistant that analysis your past

purchases and finds the best product that you are looking for.

If you believe that you suit Visa innovation program challenge/s, apply now and become part of the Visa Innovation family.

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