Web Summit 2019: Lisbon | 7 November

November 8, 2019

Today is the final day of Web Summit 2019! The main tracks of today were Health Conference and Centre Stage! From robots to the digitization of health! Here we go!

1 - Easier access to healthcare

In the digital world, we have more awareness to do correction than in the old world where physicians we're in a very fragmented system out there. Also, AI in the healthcare system is getting more critical than ever. AI can help us diagnose disease. Especially AI can have a severe effect on the healthcare platform that is focusing on emerging markets in Africa, where we're assisting patients to access healthcare to helping them to keep doctors access to the diagnostics, keep their medical records online pharmacy.

2 - Is Silicon Valley pivoting to profits?

Well, even the speakers separated on this. Although Ravi Viswanathan, who is the founder of NewView Capital, accepted, the founder of Lightspeed Venture Rytis Vitkauskas, did not agree. Riva thinks something very special about the engagement of the customer to the product exists there and many good chances that whether you need to downsize the way.

3 - Music Innovation Prize 2019

PEEX: Peex is a wearable device to have better live event experience, and it makes music playing live at the event clearer and performance sound directly to the listener’s ears.Voclea: Voclea Music turns your voice into the ultimate real-time MIDI controller. “hmmm,” “laaaa” or “oohhh” sound— all in real-time and sounds manipulate effects and filters. Dubler Studio Kit consists of Dubler software and a microphone.Show4me: Concert funding is robust. Show4me found an idea about it! Show4me is an all-in-one music-oriented ecosystem for musicians, music lovers, and industry professionals. Now, musicians can build their ticket selling, music album pre-sale campaigns, music sales, fan subscription, and direct-to-fan interaction!

4 - Helping robots to make smarter decisions

Patrick Sobalvarro, who is the founder of VEO Robotics, mentioned that the main between humans and robots is the comfort zone. He claims people should not get too comfortable with machines, they are here to make us more productive!He also gave Tesla model 3 as a bad example. He believes that the main reason why it didn't work is mass customization shorter product cycles increase quality demands.

Good Bye!

It was terrific to attend Web Summit 2019 to meet hundreds of startups and more innovators from all around the world. Hope to keep it alive in upcoming events. Love you all!Credit:Barkın Özdemir, Beliz Atalay, Mustafa Tandogan

Hackquarters Team
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