Where Can I Find A Comprehensive List Of Startups?

August 11, 2021

Looking for startups constitutes a critical part of working with startups. You want to gather information, but visiting each of their websites and collecting their data manually instead of using a tool (where you can find a comprehensive list of startups and filter them according to their industries, business models, stages, etc.) might be a messy task. Thus, a comprehensive list of startups can make your research and reach outs much easier. Here are some platforms that you can use to simplify your scouting routine;

Crunchbase Pro

As almost all startups and their founders have profiles on the platform. You can find decently comprehensive lists of startups across many filters varying from verticals to investment rounds. You can filter startups according to their stage, country, vertical, raised money, and many more. You can access the profiles of startups and founders as well as just lists. While a startup profile created by a founder consists of the startup one line, investors, related verticals, and more, a founder profile includes their professional background & experience, and even social media accounts. Aside from founder and startup profiles, there are investor, accelerator, and incubator profiles (which include interested verticals and investment portfolios) on Crunchbase, too.  Also, Crunchbase itself has different kinds of lists such as Y Combinator Alumni Companies and San Francisco Bay Area Female Founded Investors. Crunchbase Pro lastly integrated the reach out feature as well; thanks to this feature, you can reach out to the email addresses of the founders without using extra tools. As it can be easily understood from the name, it is a paid tool at around $49 monthly.

Start-Up Nation Finder

It is operating under Start-Up Nation Central which is “an independent non-profit that builds bridges to the Israeli innovation.” They see spreading Israeli Innovation and making it more visible as a mission, so this great tool can be used for free. You can find almost any information about the startups founded by Israeli entrepreneurs. To see how a country with around 9 million population can create highly disruptive and innovative businesses, this is the right website. A comprehensive list of Israeli companies can be found through Start-Up Nation Finder using similar filters with Crunchbase Pro.


It is a paid platform and it provides a comprehensive source for Turkish startups. Most of the Turkish startups that cannot be found at Crunchbase can be seen in Startups.watch. Through this website, you can see which startups raised money from which investors and participated in which accelerator programs.
Of course, these are not the only tools you can benefit from. There are a lot more useful tools you can check out like Magnitt, Startupsg, Startup India, etc.

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