Why Entrepreneurship Has No Gender? (Like Everything Else)

March 8, 2019

For centuries, they made us believe that everything has a gender. Jobs, colors, toys, hobbies… How could we imagine a woman working as a mechanical engineer or a man working as a babysitter? The saddest is, many things are mostly the same as 1000 years before. Try to find a woman working as a courier, truck driver, mechanic or an entrepreneur, especially in the middle east countries. You’ll see there are very few of them. Doesn’t it show that we -as a society- still question jobs according to “A proper job for a woman or not”?

According to the World Bank’s data, 40% of the world’s labor force are women. Globally, 1/3 of all entrepreneurs are women. Almost 70% of companies still pay more to male workers. And according to the gender pay gap, it will take at least 200 years for women to be paid equally with men. Are you satisfied with these facts? Me, no.

So here is why entrepreneurship has no gender like everything else.

1. It’s our decision to start a business

It is surely easy to say that but it depends on us to create a startup or innovate things for a change. Are you willing to create a startup? Nothing can stop you to do that except for yourself. We have two options: we’ll either fight for having the same salary as men or we’ll create a startup which will inspire others, innovate the market, be the game changer and show the others how we rule everything.

2. Passion, belief, determination have also no gender like everything else.

You’ll probably need some necessities like having a network to sell your product, capital for a start or a strong professional background to run your business successfully. After all, entrepreneurship requires to be able to take smart risks, passionate, to have a strong belief and to be determined. All these things have no gender either. Why do you wait when you are already passionate, believed and determined in something?

3. Seeing more male entrepreneurs around is not a pitfall

Yes, women had men stood out their way for many many years. But also we did, didn’t we? We also made it hard for us with believing men could more at everything. Now, we both are changing. Men are more supportive, sensitive about women rights considering the past. They want women to walk together. And as women, we’re aware that we can achieve more when together. So it’s not important if we have more male entrepreneurs around. Because we are the ones who will be in the stage by not seeing men as a pitfall.

4. It is an opportunity to change things

As I mentioned before, we can either fight for women having equal rights with men at a company or we can rule everything for making it equal. I see entrepreneurship as an opportunity to make a change in the world. And once you lead a change, it is easier to find followers who will stick up for you. So, do we want equality in everything? We‘ll do it, by bringing the change first.

5. It’s all about uniqueness

Entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology are totally unique. They are not judged by being started by gender x. They are being evaluated by innovation brought to market, the team with a good background (their talent, experience, passion, adaptability), return on investment, competitive advantage and many other things that define a good startup. So whatever gender you are, it will be all about uniqueness when it comes to creating a startup. That is why entrepreneurship has no gender.

It’s just more courage we all need. Let’s stop worrying about obstacles that stand in front of us and start doing!

Hackquarters Team
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