Yancep Launches Weekly Portfolio Update Newsletter

March 16, 2023

Discover the new-generation wealth tech startup Yancep and its latest offering, the Weekly Portfolio Update Newsletter, which aims to revolutionize investment for individuals with low financial literacy.

Yancep: Wealth Tech Startup

Yancep, a next-generation wealth tech startup, is revolutionizing the world of micro-accumulation and micro-investment by offering tailored portfolios for individuals with low financial literacy who can invest in small amounts. With numerous proof of concepts (POCs) under its belt, including collaborations with Denizbank, Visa, Sipay, Türkiye İş Bankası, Akbank, Aktifbank, and Papara, Yancep's innovative approach to asset management has garnered attention from major players in the fintech industry.

In addition to being an alumnus HackZone Open Insurance Program 2022 powered by Hackquarters, one such noteworthy collaboration is Yancep's participation in the prestigious Visa Innovation Program. Visa Innovation Program seeks out fintech companies with the potential to partner and conduct pilots or proof of concepts with Visa clients and partners. As an alumnus of the VISA 2022 cohort, Yancep benefited from the program's curated training, mentorship, and introductions to selected investors.

Yancep's Weekly Portfolio Update Newsletter

Now, Yancep is introducing its latest product, the Weekly Portfolio Update Newsletter. The newsletter offers weekly portfolios tailored to various risk levels, leveraging the expertise of Yancep's robo-advisory and portfolio managers. Subscribers can expect to find updated portfolios, previous performance data, and projections for the upcoming quarters, with revisions based on local and global macroeconomic updates. You can see an example of the Weekly Portfolio Update Newsletter on the left of the page.

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In Conclusion,

Yancep's Weekly Portfolio Update Newsletter is an excellent resource for individuals. The newsletter includes updated portfolios, past performance data, and forecasts for upcoming quarters. Considering local and global macroeconomic developments, the portfolios will be reviewed and distributed to subscribers weekly. Subscribe to the newsletter today and take the first step towards a more informed and successful investment.

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