You are Invited to Global Pitch, the World's Largest Online Pitch Competition!

April 4, 2018

Entrepreneurs who want to find support for their ventures generally have a difficult time. If there aren't any investors these entrepreneurs can reach with the old boy network, they try to be noticed by filling out a lot of different forms on the internet. In fact, filling these forms completely is a task in itself. Checking whether these forms have reached their place creates another problem. At this point, DealMatrix comes into play for entrepreneurs. DealMatrix provides the possibility of presenting yourself over the internet to all people in its network.For example, when you fill out a form on the internet and apply, DealMatrix automatically stores this information in your database. When you fill out a similar form, it automatically assists you. In addition, if you fill in your profile and information on the service, you get the chance to communicate directly with the companies on its networks.You can register to the system completely free of charge from the website and start using it immediately.

Global Pitch - The World's Largest Online Pitch Contest

Global Pitch, organized by the DealMatrix team, is the world's largest organization in its field. Some of the categories determined for Global Pitch that entrepreneurs can apply until April 22, 2018 are as follows:

  • Our Planet (Sustainability, Renewable Energy and Social Impact)
  • Our Body (Health, Medical, Biology and Quality of Life)
  • Economy (Production, Distribution, Trade and Market)
  • Information (Data Production, Forecast, Consumption and Analytical)
  • Our Cities (Smart Cities and Houses, e -Devlet system in Turkey)

Selections will be held in May after the deadline of the applications on April 22. 15 winners in total will be invited to various venture fairs and organizations around the world. These winners will also receive the Vienna Enterprise Package. In this package, they will be included in a all-expenses-paid 2-month camp (October-November) in Vienna.You can visit the website to apply for and get more information from the Global Pitch organization, which is also supported by Hackquarters.

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