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Quant LegalTech is a legal technology company with a singular vision to build innovative, user-friendly legal tech solutions for corporate governance, risk and compliance. QLT’s mission is to enable and accelerate the digitization of legal services for both legal departments and law firms alike.
Lawtechgroup offers AI Litigation Funding. They are a data-driven Legaltech predictive analytics leader. Lawtechgroup is an innovative investment company that offers experienced investors such as family offices, high net worth individuals, as well as institutional investors and private clients access to litigation investments as an issuer of guaranteed debt securities: "LTG Litigation Bond I"
Hugo.legal is the first sharing economy based legal platform using AI to match people with the best lawyer for their case. We are building a universal robot lawyer, a superhero called HUGO, who will disrupt the legal industry by redesigning the legal marketplace. Combining the best in Artificial Intelligence Technology with the power of the sharing economy.
Efilli is a consent management tool that enables companies of all scales to collect cookies and other data in compliance with GDPR, CPPA, KVKK, and other data regulations. Efilli also provides on-prem installation for big enterprises, and for the rest, it takes only 10 minutes to integrate and customize Efilli banners.
EasySend's no-code platform transforms paperwork-based processes in insurance, banking, and financial services into engaging digital journeys that your customers will love, and will increase your operational efficiency, all in a matter of days. They offer unmatched time to market through a complete solution combining no-code automated builders, integrations with 3rd party systems, and conversion optimization through AI-driven data analytics, all in 1 integrated platform.
Cynopsis Solutions is a leading RegTech provider offering a secure, cost-effective e-KYC/AML/CTF solution that automates client on-boarding and ongoing due diligence processes. They offer an end-to-end digital platform with an automated risk assessment and risk scoring feature, which reduces client on-boarding time by up to 80%.
CopyTrack is #1 in image protection for creative & brands. They find image use globally and post-license or enforce rights. Their service is designed for anyone who makes images available on the Internet with a 99,5% accuracy rate. These images are stolen countless times every day, illegally copied, and often used commercially. The authors suffer enormous financial damage as a result of a lack of income.
Bugbounter is a blockchain-based open security platform that networks the crowd of freelance security researchers and security organizations with corporations and institutions. An out-of-box approach to cybersecurity (Bug Bounty) allows organizations to test their software in a more creative way through our community of freelance researchers.
Avalance is a cybersecurity company that protects you before, during and after a breach. Their aim is to abolish the possibility of unauthorized access to databases by classifying the weaknesses in the digital space. From preventative maintenance to customized solutions, they put their experience to work providing greater operating time.
As a SaaS solution, Advopass is a time-tracking based performance analysis & client reporting tool that is focused on individual lawyers and small-medium size law offices. It is the only time-tracking tool that shows performance analysis graphics while enabling client reporting and designed specifically for needs of solo legal practitioners or small & medium size law offices.
Sanction Trace provides enhanced sanction screening services. Its SaaS-based solution assists its clients to mitigate and manage their sanctions-related compliance risks through its sophisticated search and monitoring algorithm and advance data analytic tools.
"ADiL is an AI-driven assistant for lawyers and an automation tool for law firms/legal departments in Turkey.
It is based on state-of-the-art machine learning and natural language processing approaches. "
We’re a Cyber Security company based in Turkey. We have a solution for Cyber Threat Intelligence and Cyber Intelligence. This Product is for organizations and companies better understand where there are in Cyber Space and What’s the Threat for them.
PDAccess helps companies manage their clouds secure agile and compliant way.
Chainbunker is a blockchain-based data backup that uses highly secure military-grade encryption and distributed blockchain technologies with our patent-pending technologies, hence, data is always accessible even if the entire internet crashes.
We provide a digital contract management platform for businesses to create, share, audit, sign, and amend their contracts, follow their document workflows, and provide an excellent experience to their customers. A legally approved biometric signature will help companies to digitalize their paper process and help them increase time while reducing costs.
We help privacy teams overcome the operational challenges they face by providing them the necessary tools to go beyond unstructured compliance projects and empower them with privacy tech - from start to finish
eMahkeme is a web Service which unites two parties who are in dispute, along with a mediator tasked to resolve the issue at hand. The platform provides a secure and reliable environment for online dispute resolutions.




December 17, 2020

LegalTech Startup Challenge Demo Day

Collaborating with startups, the LegalTech Startup Challenge aims to make an impact in the legal practice by providing access to domain expertise and market credibility.

Collaborating with startups, the LegalTech Startup Challenge aims to make an impact in the legal practice by providing access to domain expertise and market credibility.