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RoadCube is a loyalty marketplace where businesses can easily create simple or advanced loyalty schemes and users can easily follow them through 1 app.
Gets orders without call center or human from any communication lines with AI. Like from the kiosk, phone line, website, smart apps so on. Also, business owners or personnel will be organized with the back of ERP.
Leafinbox is a digital platform that can legally manage wet ink signature processes. Leafinbox using a completely legal signature and include legal timestamp ın Turkey also you can sign a document with your ID Card.
Gittick is a gamified ''Challenge Application'' in which user’s every photographed sharing will be rewarded according to certain criteria; also brands can control and even they can create sharing pages that they want.
Gebit is a technology that helps enterprises to communicate with customers 24/7 and provides customer-oriented analysis.
e-satisfaction.com is a platform that allows retailers to increase positive word of mouth and loyalty through marketing automations that are based on the experience each customer had when shopping, online or offline.
Benfity is a social matching platform in which users can find other users to benefit most from campaigns and retentions by moving and byung together.
By analyzing complex user behaviour on websites; Reachpeople grabs, processes and segmentates user data to allow performing 1 to 1 personalized marketing.
Octovan is a platform that brings movers and users together who need home moving or partial moving with a fixed-price, quality service and a happy brand of transportation.
Mixoper is smart troubleshooting platform based on ai technology. Mixoper's intelligent customer assistance SaaS platform enables AI-powered visual assistance that helps companies provide customer service of the future.
ULAK is an on demand courier application. It directs the nearest courier to you and offers the delivery services you need.
Datapare helps companies to beat the competition with advanced reports about market trends and competitor movements in the online world.
Catchman is an AR based mobile app to get discounts for shopping while you're going around shopping centers.
Bead Technologies develops state-of-the-art IoT solutions to fully digitalize commercial building operations, save cost and improve overall occupant well-being.
Poltio helps brands access, engage with, and learn from their users with the help of interactive content. Platform modules integrated with our analytics engine provide detailed, real-time insights about your audience.
Pegneon is a serious games company specialized in developing educational video games for employee training. Eugene: a series of educational mini-games for the training of customer service agents and the GDPR game.
Bagaj is a locker service that can be used via a mobile phone app. You can use our lockers as luggage storage / left luggage service and leave your personal belongings in the lockers which are located in places such as city centers, venues, concert halls, and beaches
Pacer LMS is a multi-award winning new-generation social learning platform built to manage and maximize corporate learning engagement.
Udentify is a business intelligence solution aiming to create better solutions for manmade market research techniques with using face recognition and body tracking technologies.
BuyBuddy is a retailtech startup, producing smart tags for physical stores. With BuyBuddy, retail stores around the world get the chance to get data about their customers, as detailed as e-stores get.
Zapiens re-skill teams to improve knowledge about products, boosting sales and customer service.
Yosh.AI is a deep tech company that automates the communication between companies and their users, through AI voice and text assistants ensuring consistent messaging, high efficiency, and continuous access to information across all communication platforms and languages.
Vintom's technology allows global brands to deeply personalize video content based on the data they have about customers' behaviors, interests, and accounts.
Uservision helps brands to empathize with customers. We provide a platform where brands could quickly reach their target audience and get explicit, subconscious and implicit insights. Where google analytics provides analytics at a dashboard, we provide the voice of the consumer.
Sorwe digitalises all strategic HR processes to enhance the experience in the workplace with internal communication & feedback, career development, e-learning and performance features. We give voice to employees while solving the efficiency problem of HR teams in big corporates.
ShopMe enables stores to easily accept self-checkout payments and turns cell phones into a self-checkout device in malls through simple API integration.
Shopi is a SaaS-based, all-in-one, Omnichannel retail store operations platform with an order management system (OMS) in place. Locating the store associates at its center rhetoric, Shopi maximizes the store efficiency and elevates the customer experience by empowering retailers with a combination of cloud and mobile solutions.
DeepNeed is a fast-growing AI startup with purposes to improve personalized customer experience and develop brand new customer behavior analysis strategies.
B2Metric is an AI-Native predictive analytics solution that automates the Machine Learning pipeline for your company's customer journey, price, and purchase optimization problems.
AssistBox is a communication platform enabling remote assistance in customer and field services workflows. AssistBox, has video conference and chat capabilities, also have the ability to control remote mobile devices. By these capabilities, customers are able to service from anywhere and whenever they want.
Real-time Physical Location, Product and Visitor Analyses With Artificial Intelligence.




October 22, 2021

MediaMarkt Startup Challenge Day 2021

Join us, as we endeavor to boost the most innovative solutions and ideas in the retail sector at MediaMarkt Startup Challenge Day on October 22nd!

Join us, as we endeavor to boost the most innovative solutions and ideas in the retail sector at MediaMarkt Startup Challenge Day on October 22nd!

March 17, 2021

Blockchain Startup Challenge Day

Join us to meet with most promising Blockchain startups all around the world.

Join us to meet with most promising Blockchain startups all around the world.