NN Online HealthTech Startup Challenge is aiming to bring together Health and Insurance Technology.
Powered by NN Group and NN Hayat ve Emeklilik Turkey


Online Consultation &
Health Prevention & Tracking
Symptom Checker &
Home Testing
Connected Health Practices

NN Online Startup Challenge is an online innovation event, where startups are coming together with the Corporate Partner for potential cooperation. Challenge is aiming to empower more innovation in healthcare supporting the startup ecosystem; and solving customer pains proposing enriched value proposition facilitating increase of customer engagement.

Collaborating with startups NN is aiming to make an impact in Healthcare and Insurance sector providing access to domain expertise and market credibility. Hackquarters powered event was facilitating partnership between startups & NN integrating the best ideas into current business model. At the same time going in line with NN global strategy to solve customer pains for its retail customers helping people care for what matters most to them. Total 114 applications were received from 20+ countries; with 19 startups in pipeline.


114 Applications from 23 countries
19 Startups in a Pipeline
Started 5 POC s with NN Group and
NN  Hayat ve Emeklilik Turkey