Hackquarters X Fintech - March 2021

March 30, 2021
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FinTech Day is an online event of knowledge exchange in the rapidly changing financial services industry, aiming at discussing the current trends and developments in fintech, the challenges and possible ways to women’s inclusion in finance, and the expected future of the payment sector. Emerging trends in the FinTech industry. In 2021, a relevant segment of the global population is still unbanked. In most developing countries, access to financial services for women remains to be highly unequal and poses a challenge to be addressed. The fireside chat looks into the objectives and key barriers to financial inclusion of women in such countries and suggests possible ways to fix the problem. "Panel Discussion: Payment Innovation: Next-Gen Payment Experience There has been a massive transformation in the payment industry in the past decade. The importance of cryptocurrencies is growing, millennials change the way payments are being developed and the current pandemic has also impacted the sector in a significant way. The panel will highlight the current innovations that are happening in this space and explain what awaits us in the future."


Hackquarters X Fintech - March 2021



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