ICUBE Demo Day

February 25, 2020
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About Hackquarters Hackquarters is the leading startup accelerator and corporate innovation partner in Turkey combining superb global reach with deep local knowledge. Founded in 2015, Hackquarters has engaged with over 6,000 startups across the world; of which 150 are currently part of various programs. Hackquarters active corporate programs include Bayer Grants4Apps Digital Health Program, Redbull Amaphiko Global Social Entrepreneurship Program and Workup by Isbank. About ICUBE ICUBE, the international acceleration program of Istanbul Teknokent, sends its second batch entrepreneurs to the London market with the ICUBE Demo Day event. At the end of the 6-week intensive training and mentoring adventure, you can witness the the best entrepreneurs by participating in ICUBE Demo Day with us. Selected Startups for ICUBE BulutTahsilat BulutTahsilat provides instant control of payments for all bank accounts and automatically processes them into accounting and ERP systems. Dermoda Deri Produces finished leather manufactured with materials and methods that do not harm the environment and human health. ForFarming Simplifies production areas such as greenhouses, parks, and gardens with Farmio. Stores all data in the cloud-based system and controls it from anywhere with the mobile device. PACHA PACHA is a combination of high protein with 100% natural bovine collagen to renew the skin and muscles. Pedudi Mobile platform to spend quality time for mental, emotional and motor skills development of IT-age kids. Pepapp Pepapp is a digital assistant and menstrual calendar for women’s special days. SanctionScanner Sanction Scanner is a software product that monitors, reports, and communicates the sanctions lists of 13 countries and communicates the data to its customers with easy to understand notifications. Solonport SolonPort G5 SAM is our 5th Generation Terminal Operating System rollout. It’s fully customized 3D graphics layer for mobile platforms with specific aim at area/depot/warehouse/yard management. G5 SAM has a unique 3D Mobile graphic performance and full spectrum of area activities in real time advantages and multi-modal functionality. The Snack HAUS The Snack HAUS products are high nutritionally converted foods into healthy snacks. Visiosoft Visiosoft offers precise location generation applications using AI and image processing. VisitorLab VisitorLAB is software that visualizes all the experiences of visitors on the web sites and collects direct feedback from the visitors.


ICUBE Demo Day



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