Market Access Program for Hackquarters Startups

May 23, 2023
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The upcoming market access information event will provide valuable insights for startups seeking to enter the French, Dutch, and UK markets. Distinguished embassy representatives will be present to offer their expertise on the various categories of startups and how they can successfully access these markets. The event will feature a series of informative panels, interactive Q&A sessions, and networking opportunities. The event is targeted towards startups that are already active and shortlisted in the Hackquarters programs such as HackZone Open Insurance Program, Workup, WorkupAgri, Visa Innovation Program, MediaMarkt Startup Challenge, Bayer G4A, and SOCAR Wennovation Startup Challenge.

The aim of the market access information event is to provide startups with the knowledge and resources they need to successfully enter the French, Dutch, and UK markets. By bringing together embassy representatives from these countries, startups will gain valuable insights on the various categories of businesses and how to navigate the regulatory and cultural landscape of each market. Through engaging panel discussions, informative Q&A sessions, and networking opportunities, attendees will have the chance to connect with embassy representatives from different countries. Ultimately, the goal of this event is to equip startups with the necessary tools and strategies to effectively access these markets and grow their businesses.


Market Access Program for Hackquarters Startups



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