Socar Wennovation Challenge Online Meetup : Disrupting Refinery Industry

January 25, 2023
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Join us for the SOCAR Wennovation Startup Challenge Online Meetup, where we will explore how we can disrupt and innovate the refinery industry.

This Meetup will bring industry experts and professionals together with startups to discuss the industry's current state and SOCAR Türkiye's strategic vision to drive change and create a more sustainable and efficient future.

Online Meetup is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the Wennovation Startup Challenge Program, ask questions, and discover how you can contribute your ideas and expertise.

During this Meetup, we will explore the specific Wennovation Startup Challenge categories, including Asset Management & HSE, Refinery and Petrochemical Operations, Energy Efficiency & Sustainability, and Fintech & Other Opportunities such as emerging technologies and their potential to transform the refinery industry.

If you're a startup founder interested in the future of energy and refining, this Meetup is sure to be an informative and engaging experience. We hope to see you there!


Socar Wennovation Challenge Online Meetup : Disrupting Refinery Industry



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