The WomanUp Glass Ceilings

May 31, 2023
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WomanUp is an invite-only platform to test new things; where women professionals can be vulnerable. Series of quarterly events aiming to bring together a group of women professionals driven by a passion to impact innovation ecosystem personal and professional growth.

  • WomanUp is shifting women's mindset and behavior, inspiring them to dare new things they have never done before
  • WomanUp is connecting you with inspirational women professionals and mentors for more opportunities.

WomanUp May Edition 2023 event will focus on the problem of Glass Ceilings. A glass ceiling is an invisible barrier that prevents women from advancing to higher positions in their careers. This is often due to gender discrimination, which can take the form of stereotypes, bias, and unequal treatment.

Women have a tendency to undervalue themselves and their worth in the workplace, especially when it comes to asking for incentives or raises. And it's not just women who hold back from asking for what they want -- things like promotions, salary increases, and other perks. Asking for what you want can be difficult for anyone, but women often face additional societal pressure to be polite, accommodating, and less assertive. However, it is important for women to understand that asking for their rights, needs, and wants is not only necessary, but it is also just as valid as anyone else's.


The WomanUp Glass Ceilings



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