Burak Örücü

Burak Örücü

Nexus Ventures

Once was one of them, Burak is currently investing in and supporting vigorous and well-bonded start-up teams that have scalable IoT & Telco ideas, prototypes/alpha releases or products.

With a “Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K”at age ten, Burak became a devotee of computers and software. He remembers himself opting for purchase of a new i386-SX mini-tower desktop over a father-funded car to campus. This stance had led him to success in his education and later, in his engineering career. A complementary devotion was smiling, when his employer at that time handed over a “9110 Communicator” to him for business use.

Since then, he has been the founder or investor of over 20 ICT companies, serving the ecosystem with services, products and most importantly with knowledge and innovation. Under his management and with 800+ hardworking teammates from 17 nations, these companies completed 40+ turnkey telco projects, delivered 3000+ tons of hi-tech materials and are still bringing in value to their customers.

Skills and Interests

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